Somewhere along the line, 8 Pax decided to post in Summerfield today. Turns out they ran hard aground on some hill performing bear crawls. #inlandnavigation. It was the job of YHC to get them underway again, with the help of their #DRP.

The radar showed rain. Lots of rain. Fortunatley, we only had some light sprinkles and mid 50 degree weather. Perfect weather for a Summerfield #beatdown. YHC arrived to the AO with the tailgate down on his truck. The bed was empty of coupon equipment. Namely, bricks and blocks. Did the Pax really believe they were unloaded at home? Not quite my friend. #dontunderstimatethecaptain

At the shovelflag, Pax were noticeably quiet while waiting on everyone to show up. Hardly any mumblechatter or talk otherwise. Maybe Pax were worried about the upcoming beatdown? Maybe the pending rain? The missing blocks from Stubing’s truck? Once Tea Party rolled in, time to go. No disclaimer given as all Pax are repeat offenders. (ie, F3 veterans.) YHC had a little present for Xerox as “payback” for last week’s Q. YHC gave him his own workout. 300 burpees OYO. Nonetheless, Xerox decided to stick with the rest of the group. Smart man.

Warm A Rama

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Plank Jacks x 20 IC

Monkey Humpers x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Continued  Warm A Rama

YHC’s version of 5×5….(Whatever that means.) Pax take a very short mosey to the bottom of the hill below the parking lot. Bear Crawl up the hill, perform 5 burpees at the top. Bear Crawl backwards down the hill. At the bottom, perform 5 crunchy frogs. Repeat traversing up the hill 5 times. When finished, plank for the six at the top. Light mumblechatter ensued, but the pax are a fierce bunch. Xerox is unstoppable. #respect. Next time, the bears will have been shot and have 3 legs instead of 4. #Summerfieldrestrictorplate.

Once complete, a 10 count is given; time to mosey around to Summerfield Elementary bus loading area for the Thang.

The Thang

YHC isn’t sure who saw the stacks of workout equipment first, but it makes no difference. Wolverine as well as Misfire were all smiles. Or was it frowns? Tuesday was still fresh in their mind. The blocks and bricks from Stubing’s #countrycadillac found their way to school! Pax are instructed to carry out the following excercises, complete with a order of rinse and repeat when finished. All excercises are single count.

Flock of Seagulls with bricks x 30

Lunges with bricks x 15/leg

Turkish get ups x 20……What is a Turkish get up you say? Let me demonstrate: A fully body exercise in which you get completely wet on the pavement. #enoughsaid.

Run a lap around the parking lot

Overhead press with block x 30

Block Squats x 30

Carolina Dry Docks x 30

Run Lap

Chinooks with bricks x 30

WWI situps x 30

Block Curls x 30

Run Lap

All Pax completed the full sheet of excercises, while the Sugar Rays were well into their 2nd round.

Time is called to mosey back for Mary. Pax are instructed to take a set of bricks with them back to the park. Mumblechatter seems to have picked back up…Mosey around the back of the school to the shovelflag at the park. Drop one brick at the truck, keep one for Mary. What is the Q thinking now?


Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Dying Cockroach x 20 IC

Cumberland County Viaduct x 20 IC

Al Gore with brick one minute. YHC forgot to call the brick part. Q fail.

Heavy Hammers x 25 IC. (American hammer with brick.)


Pax put forth an excellent effort while being uncomfortably wet. The kind that is just enough to get you pissed. Suppose it was better than a downpour. F3 isn’t supposed to be easy or comfortable. #getusedtoit. T claps to the pax who posted waaaaay out here in Summerfield. Cityfolk #Natville pax should try it at least once a month. It’s not that far away, no passport required. It has been said that Summerfield has the only premier boot camp workout in Natville on Thursday. Try it out.

Cecil, thanks for the chance to lead this fine AO. Xerox, we are even sir.



Slumlord is Q next week in Summerfield. Don’t miss it.

Bring canned goods for TommyBoy to any Saturday workout. Local food banks are in short supply and need help. Step up Natville.

Wicked has the Q at Cornwallis Nightmare, Woody has the Q at Rainbow Dash for Saturday.



YHC took us out with a prayer of humility.


PAX: Stubing

QIC: 01/26/17