It was a crisp, cool, glorious Wed morning with the undeniable smell of freedom in the air. As YHC greeted the Pax, I was overwhelmed with my brothers desire to be beat down. The look in their eyes screamed of a need to be broken and rebuilt better than they came. Motivated by the Pax hunger and my slightly delirious condition caused my sheer excitement. Without delay, I called the Pax to follow me on a short, and yet rewarding mosey down the parking lot to ground zero, where we warmed our muscles in preparation for the reward that lay before us. Yes, reward, though ordinary men might view what beheld them as unfathomable, scary, even impossible, but not my Pax. My Pax looked upon the Ten station tower, as an escalator of freedom. Freedom from weakness. Freedom from the norm. Freedom from mediocracy. Freedom to become better! God Bless our freedom, God Bless America, and God Bless my beloved F3 Pax… and so it went something like this:


SSH x20, SunGods x40, Rippers x10, Merkins x10

The Thang

Freedom Tower (Escalator)

Run 50 yds to first cone complete exercise (ex. 100 Merkins), run back to start. Run to second cone complete exercise (90 LBC’s) run to 1st cone and do 10x of stated exercise (10 Merkins). Wash & Repeat until you climb to the top of the freedom tower. Our SugarRays were challenged to work their way back down the tower once they were done.


Merkins x100

LBCs x90

SunGods x80

Plankjacks x70

Crunchie Frogs x60

Squats x50

American Hammers x40

Imperial Walkers x30

YHC inadvertently failed to put out: Burpees x20 (My “less than sincere” Apologies)

Monkey Humpers x10

Omaha was called once the majority of the Pax was through and time became short. We quickly “double applesauced” our way to the very dark Picnic Shelter for the following:

Dips x20

Step ups x20

Inclined Merkins x 20

We then “Double Applesauced” our way back to the flag for a very quick but glorious close with 1 MOM (American Hammer x20) and COT.


Butt Fumble shared T-claps for the incredible 45 pints of blood collected at our blood drive. Well done!

Spam – Prayer request for his baby being 5 days over due.

Wojo- Prayer request for OnTime who sadly lost his Father this week.

Hushpuppy/Wicked- still room (and need) men for the Palmetto 200. Mar 22-24th Run from Columbia-Charlston.

TommyBoy- will be Qing the Warrior Nutrition Challenge (Tues at Green Joe’s) starting the day after the SuperBowl. See below link.

Warrior Nutrition Challenge:


HC Pledge Form:


Wicked- Qing Saturday at CN. Promises fun and happiness for all!!!

It was my supreme honor to lead you men. You really are an incredible blessing in my life!



PAX: Tommyboy, Buttfumble, Spam, Stinkycheese, Jitterbug (Respect), Hushpuppy, Hossier, Slumlord, Stagefrieght, Bedpan, Snowflake (Respect), Borne, Wicked, Wojo, Hoottie, Bundle, Flow, Brownnoser, Huffy (Respect), Teaparty, Poehler (not in Bear), Schnitzel (Achtung Respektieren), Therminator (Respect), Cecil, Everest (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Nomad, Nightstand, Daphne (YHC)

QIC: Daphne