I love the Rocky movies. From Rocky III, one memorable moment was when Creed was making Rocky do all kinds of unusual exercises, the intent was to work on muscles that aren’t typically trained. Our WO’s typically are full of variety already, but every now and then I like to try new things. The PAX did workout the entire body, but the love handle and biceps are more focused on.

warmarama: plank routine that goes like this

peter parker 5x, 1-arm peter parker 5x each arm

superman 30s

sun gods in plank, one arm at a time

Alabama Ass-kickers, 4 count


break PAX to groups of 3, start at different stations, leave the weights at station

station #1: legs

-copper head lunge w/ weights 25x

-hill billy 10x IC

-copper head lunge w/ weights 25x

then lunge to station #2

station #2: arms

-bicep curls IC 25x

-wojo squats 15x

-bicep curls IC 25x

then Lt Dan to station #3

station #3: back

-back pull (aka lawn mower) IC 25x

-toy soldier 15x

-back pull IC 25x

then walk to station #4

station #4: shoulder

-squat press with weights IC 25x

-string ripper 10x

-squat press with weights IC 25x

then lateral bear crawl to station #1

intermission: plank routine

left side plank  then right side plank

left side plank hip raise 10x then right side plank hip raise 10x

side plank leg raised, both sides

Carolina dry docks 5x

repeat station #1-4. Omaha was called halfway on the 2nd round.




Cindy Crawford

Reverse LBC

Homer Marge

Quick time check showed it was already 6:22! Wow, I’ll be buying a watch to keep PAX on time.


PAX: Bulldog

QIC: 01/26/17