I know its late to post this, but I still want to fulfill my duties as QIC. Its been delayed due to work and getting F3 login setup.

I had a rough Christmas break. We were dealing with a catastrophe that I have never faced before. I worked 15 hour days for nearly a month, with a few exceptions like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There was a lot of pressure.

F3 was my way to relieve that frustration. But on the night before WO it was reported weather could get down to 5 degrees. Phoenix and I were debating whether to cancel or not, beside the cold, the 8-in snow from the weekend is still not fully cleared, and there are ice around the street corners. But I needed the WO! I was determined to carry on. In my zeal I devised a defiant weinke, my goal was ~150-200 burpees. And I even tweeted,

@f3quakercrater no need to overdress, 200 burpees makes @F3gsoSweatAngel , YHC keeps you dry & off snow and ice, sytig!

Wow. I was so full of myself. Why did I have to boast about 200 burpees, its just a number. Was I trying to lead WO, or trying to get PAX impressed with me? No more boasting.

Warmarama: 10 typical warmup exercise, with 3 burpees in between.

The Dab: 10 burpees per minute, for 5 minutes.

Then PAX partnered up to tackle 3 stations:

Station 1: 10 burpees minus the merkin, while partner does merkins. Repeat until each did 30 burpees.

Station 2: 10 burpees while partner did empirial walker, repeat until each did 30 burpees

Station 3: 10 one-legged burpees, while partner does SSH, repeat until each did 30 burpees

Initially there were some confusion with the details—PAX had hard time finding the paper with all the snow and ice. Towards the end, I could see half of the PAX are not having fun at all, so I called for Omaha. We then bear crawled across the parking lot and then lunged back.

MOM: about 5 ab exercises, 30 counts each.


Phoenix encouraged PAX to sign up for Q at Quaker Crater

3rd F at Panera on Lawndale

My highlight has to be when we walked on the snow to gather for photo. I was really appreciative of Site Q Phoenix for coming prepared. And here it is.

PAX: 01/09/2017

QIC: avatar_box