12 of Natville’s finest and 2 special guests from F3Carterico (Misty) and F3Summerville (Splinter) braved wet streets and the threat of more rain to honor their pledge to get faster today. I mean, besides Ricky Bobby, who doesn’t want to go fast?? In response to YHC’s preblast, there was some concern expressed about being the six, so that was taken into account and remedied as much as possible during recovery.

A Fartlek (fart·lek /färtlək/) is Swedish for “speed play” and is a running technique that combines continuous training with interval training. This combination of exertion and recovery running will make you faster and get you in shape for the spring race series.

Most of our intervals have been shorter in nature (up to 1 minute) or based on distance, so YHC thought today would be a good day to introduce some longer intervals to stretch the lungs and increase PAX endurance. The aim was four miles in just over 30 minutes – which we came very close to achieving as a group.

With a brief Warmorama of SSH (IC X 20), IW (IC X 15) & String Rippers (IC X 12) we set off on a 1/2 mile warm up mosey down Starmount Drive to Knollwood.

THANG: 1–2-3-2-1-2-3-2 Fartlek repetitions

PAX ran their individual paces for each fartlek, then the PAX reassembled as much as possible during each recovery phase.

  • 1 minute @ 5K pace
  • 1 min recovery
  • 2 mins @ 10K pace
  • 2 min recovery
  • 3 mins @ 1/2 marathon pace
  • 3 min recovery
  • 2 mins @ 10K pace
  • 2 min recovery
  • 1 min @ 5K pace
  • 1 min recovery
  • 2 mins @ 10K pace
  • 2 min recovery
  • 3 mins @ 1/2 marathon pace (up Homewood Hill #crowdpleaser)
  • 3 min recovery
  • 2 min AYG back to Shovel Flag

Running Route

  • Out of park, down Starmount to Knollwood
  • Up Knollwood
  • R on Madison
  • L on Wedgedale
  • R on Wedgedale Pl
  • R on Hobbs
  • R on Beverly
  • L on Madison
  • L on W. Avondale
  • R on Edgewater
  • R on Homewood (#crowdpleaser)
  • L on W. Market
  • R into Park & back to Shovel Flag

The PAX, depending on pace and circling back distance covered during recovery, ran between 3.6 and 4.5 miles.  Great effort and work by all!

Mary (roughly 2 minutes)

  • LBC (IC X 15)
  • LSF (IC X 12)
  • American Hammer (IC X 20)

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • TClaps to Tebow for the reminder nudge last evening about today’s Q.  I forgot to put today on the calendar and with everything going on this week (mom’s surgery yesterday, which went well), I had completely forgotten! There was, however, still plenty of time to plan and administer today’s #DRP. Appreciate the fun and creative PreBlast replies from Bodett, Everest, etc – fun stuff!
  • Welcome to Misty and Splinter from Morehead City and Summerville, respectively.  You guys brought it today and are welcome to post with us anytime. TClaps men for your impressive work!
  • Starmount Stampede Kotters to Girth. It is clear you have kept up your running – nicely done and thanks for putting the date out there for 2017 Miles for Matthew. That’s September 30!
  • Thanks to everyone for pushing hard today. I think several of us had visions and the beginnings of Merlot splash, but I don’t think that actually happened today. YHC obviously needs to push you harder next time…
  • I especially appreciated the collective GROAN and mumblechatter from the PAX when you were not allowed to start up everyone’s favorite Homewood Hill during recovery.  We can’t EVER waste the Homewood #painstation, and we didn’t today!
  • Remember, run training has two necessary components.  You have to put in the mileage, but you only get faster by pushing yourself, which is why fartleks and intervals are so good.  For those of you Palmetto 200 team members, you should be doing these weekly.


  • Leverage mentioned that Greensboro Urban Ministry is in dire need of food for emergency assistance & Tommy Boy will collect food this Saturday at all AOs (he is working with all site Qs to get this done). Great if you want to bring food to AOs before or after as well.
  • Girth announced that 2017 Miles For Matthew is September 30 – get ready!
  • Prayers for On Time and his family – his father passed away on Sunday and he (On Time) is still recovering from a broken toe.  He found out that there were 2 breaks and one of them has not headed yet, which means potentially 6 more weeks on the F3 DL.

YHC took us out today.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today – it is always an honor & a privilege!


PAX: Phoenix, Amphibious, Splinter (F3Summerville), Sir Charles, Girth, Tebow, Cheesy Poof, Gilligan, Misty (F3Carterico), Leverage (WB), Nancy, Bodett, Everest (WD)

QIC: Wojo