A Pax of 7 gathered in the freezing cold to receive a beat down of epic proportions by Rubble.  The good news is it was so cold that our testicles were shriveled up and not jangling around to cause some serious damage on those Ascending (Descending!) Testicle section of the workout.  Read on to find out more!


Side-straddle hop x25

Sun Gods x 15 forward and backward

Windmills x 15

Runner’s Stretch (10 seconds both legs)

Fire drill


Thang (Starting at Building):

Ascending Testicles (5 merkins low, 5 merkins middle, 5 shoulder taps)

5 Burpees

Descending from 5 to 1 (probably should’ve called it Descending Testicles!!)


Jog to Basketball court


Partner-Plank Merkins x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20 in cadence

Peter Parker x 15

Superman x 10 sec – 5 sets


Jog back to Building for Ascending Testicles and Burpees Repeat


Jog back to Basketball Court


Lt. Dans x 25

Jump Squats x 20

Calf Raise x 15 (3 positions)

Prisoner Get-ups x 10

Hill Runs x 5


Jog to playground


Merkins x 25

Dips x 20

Pull-ups x 15

Bicep resisters x 10


Mary (All exercises x 15 reps):

Dr. W

Dying Cockroach

Cindy Crawfords

American Hammer

PAX: Dean, Worldwide, Prophet, Streamer, Gold Digger, Smokey, Rubble

QIC: Rubble