On a gloomy Inauguration Day morning, 24 PAX assembled for a Lunatic Fringe beatdown and my VQ.  Fortunately, the rain held off to the very end.  Since it was my VQ, a full disclaimer and recitation of the F3 mission was given.  Here’s what took place:


SSH IC x20

Sun Gods – Forward IC x215

Sun Gods – Reverse IC x15

Chinooks IC x15

5 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Hillbillies IC x15

1 lap around the GDS track


THE THANG – Part 1: “The Inauguration of the 45th President”

(The music playlist started off with one of Hasselhoff’s greatest (?) hits as a throwback to the mumble chatter at Schnitzel’s Q last week.  As today’s mumble chatter grew louder, Schnitzel nervously asked if there were any more Hasselhoff songs on the playlist.  Fortunately, some more traditional patriotic music followed.)

We performed each of the following exercises with weights for 45 seconds each (AMRAP) with a 15 second recovery:

  1. Curls
  2. Goblet Squats
  3. Dying Cockroaches
  4. Tricep Extensions
  5. Kettlebell swings
  6. Lunges
  7. Bent Rows
  8. Freddy Mercuries
  9. Lateral Raises
  10. Plank Jacks

Mosey to the concession stand wall.


THE THANG – Part 2: “The Wall” (Partner Up)

Round 1 – Partner A – Balls to the Wall / Partner B – 25 Dips / Flapjack

Round 2 – Partner A – Wall Seat / Partner B – 25 Stepups / Flapjack

Mosey back to parking lot


THE THANG – Part 3: “The First 100 Days” (with same Partners)

Partner  A & Partner B start at same location.

Partner A starts the exercise (keeping cumulative count) while Partner B runs with weights to opposite end of the parking lot (about 50 years) and back, and then hands the weights off (“the peaceful transition of power”) to Partner B.

Partner Exercises to 100:

  • LBCs
  • Merkins
  • Wojo Squats

Rinse and Repeat (most of the PAX got through about 2 sets of each exercise)


  • Plank Variations (to music – “Proud to be an American” / 3 burpees each time you hear “Proud to be an American” in the song, then resume plank (about 3.5 minutes)
  • Dying Cockroaches IC x25 (thanks Tommy Boy)
  • American Hammer IC x25 (thanks J Love)



(1)   Wojo: Still spots open for Blood Drive

(2)   Jitterbug: 3rd F at Lawndale Panera (“Destined to Conquer”)

(3)   Wojo taking orders for Girl Scout cookies

(4)   Matlock reminded us of a double dip opportunity at Cornwallis Nightmare – Kilowatt on the Ruck, Snookie on the Q for Cornwallis Nightmare.

(5)   Udders: 2nd F today for lunch at Polo Pizza Pasta


COT: Wojo took us out.


Thanks for the support during my VQ – much appreciated!



PAX: Schnitzel, Poehler, Nightstand, Tommy Box, Slum Lord, Wojo, J Love, Sacked, CJ, Hoosier, Hootie, Matlock, Nomad, Stubing, Udders, Bodett, Jitterbug, Heisenberg, Huffy, Snowflake, Flo, Windmill, Xerox, Apollo (QIC)

QIC: Apollo