J-Love set the tone for the morning by buzzing the Qs car in the AO parking lot and giving him the number one sign like Goose on top gun. Apparently he was still disgruntled from my comment about him holding some frozen peas for me later this week. Woody pulls in and offers some good stretchin music by Steve Earl. Slum Lord took his sweet time getting out of the car trying to miss the warm up.

Disclaimers and small talk was had. Mosey to the basketball court for

warm UP


Sun Gods (forward) X 12 (Back) x 12 IC

Windmills X 12 IC

String Ripper X 12 IC (several shots fired as bowels are also getting warm)

Monkey Humpers X 20 IC


Start the mosey towards GCC golf course down Sunset stopping twice recovering the six and doing Mountain Climbers X 20 IC, Plank Jacks X 20 IC

Starting at Hole #7 tee box we will work holes #7,#3,#4 at tee boxes we do 5- burpees, 10- WW2’s, run to the greens (staying on cart paths as it was still sloppy). At greens we do 15- CDD’s and 20- Wojo Squats.

PLank o rama for the 6

RInse and repeat same holes (#7 has a pretty stiff grade to it btw) but change up exercises. At  the tee boxes we do 5- Diamond merkins, 10-LBC’s and at the Greens 15- Double Wides, 20- Goblet Squats.

Collect the 6 man and head back to IP Elementary stopping for some Crab Cakes X 15 IC along the way.

Cecil made a special request for the burpee ball so we made arrangements. Circle up for burpee ball passing a 20 lb slam ball starting with one burpee, two, three, then back down to two and one and then


Low Slow Flutter and Freddy Merk / Jack Webbs 2-1

2 Low Slow- 1 Freddy IC, 4 and 2, 6 and 3 etc up to 10 LSF and 5 Freddy Mercs

Big Mitt may not approved of the light Mary but it was all we had time for today.

COT- Hoser took us out with a strong prayer. Way to step up and take us out.

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Slum Lord thanked everyone for a successful blood drive Sunday. We hit our goal and used up all the bags they had which was 44-45 or so. Great work pax !
  • J-Love discussed the Friday Bible study opportunity at the Search office at 12 noon. Whether you are new to reading the Bible or a seasoned vet this study is for you. And this Friday we have an added bonus of hearing how Boatshow’s E-Date went with a batchelorette star.
  • Slum Lord volunteered for the Fenceline Q next Tuesday.
  • Great work by the pax of Fenceline this morning. Plenty of mosey and ground work thrown in.

Thanks for letting me lead. It is always an honor and blessing.




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