On a warmer than normal January morning 9 pax defeated the fartsack to join YHC at the Crater!  The conditions were less than ideal (off and on downpours) and YHC humbly admits if he wasn’t the Q he would have likely fartsacked #KeepingItReal

But YHC was the Q and even with the less than ideal conditions a special beatdown was planned.  It went down something like this:



The Thang

YHC certainly surprised the pax with the shorter than expected Warmerama (so short in fact it took Slum Lord a while to find us) #Don’tBeLateForAnUddersQ

We moseyed to the basketball court for the first part.  Pax split into 2 groups and completed the following:

  1. 10 Backboard/Net Touches OYO
  2. 50 Imperial Walkers OYO
  3. 50 Chinooks OYO

After each pax completed all 3 of those we did 10 Burpees OYO.  We then circled up for a nice round of Johnny Cash with 10 Merkins per pax.  After completing this we moseyed to New Garden Road and on the sidewalk we lined up and completed 20 Monkey Humpers IC facing the cars on New Garden #RealCrowdPleaser #NoPoliceSpotted

After moseying back to Jefferson Elementary School and lined up on the wall for 45 seconds of Balls to the Wall counted off by Stubing.  After a 10 second recovery we got back on the wall to do 10 Knee Touches OYO #RealCrowdPleaser #StrongMumbleChatter #ToughToBalance

After our time on the wall we moseyed to Stubing’s truck, opened the back, and gave each pax a beautiful gift:  a cinder block.  YHC was accused of pulling a Bodett?  After getting a cinder block we completed the following:

  1. Squats X 15 IC
  2. Presses X 10 IC
  3. Skull Crushers X 10 IC

We then completed a round of Lieutenant Dan’s:  25 yards out and 25 yards back

With the rain beginning to pick up YHC improvised and gathered the pax under the school’s covered sidewalk to do the following

  1. Merkins X 10 IC
  2. Sun Gods X 15 IC
  3. Diamond Merkins X 10 IC
  4. Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC
  5. Wide Armed Merkins X 10 IC
  6. Moroccan Nightclub X 15 IC
  7. Carolina Dry Docks X 10 IC

With the shoulders significantly smoked now YHC threw out something he has never done at an F3 workout:  the Bataan Death March!  YHC split the group back into two groups and each group did an Indian Run with the last pax dropping to do 5 Burpees.  After the pax member completed the Burpees he then ran to the front of the line and the last pax in line dropped and did 5 Burpees while the others ran.  Each group ran in a big circle until all pax finished #NastyExercise


With the rain kicking up again we went back under the shelter for the following:

Song Time:  A Flock of Seagulls “I Ran”

YHC went back to his 1980’s roots for this classic.  We started plankjacks each time we heard “I Ran” and then after the 1st verse we moved to Al Gore position where we did some stretching exercises to finish out the song.

American Hammer X 25 IC (led by Phoenix)

Great effort by the pax today!  T-claps to Phoenix for being my timekeeper to!  Also big thanks to the pax of F3 Gastonia for many of the ideas today (Monkey Humpers, Knee Touches, and short Warmerama)!

COT:  Slum Lord took us out


  1. T-Claps to Butt Fumble and Slum Lord on a successful blood drive on Sunday!
  2. 3rd F Wednesday morning at 6:30 am at Harris Teeter at Shops at Friendly Center.  Bulldog and Cornhole are co-Q’s.  5 Love Languages “Acts of Service” is topic.
  3. Stubing has the Q at Cadet Lab on Tuesday!
  4. Plenty of service opportunities upcoming.  Check your e-mail and Twitter for latest updates.

It was a pleasure to lead today.  Thanks again for the opportunity!



PAX: 01/23/17

QIC: Udders