The Fartsack Force was strong this AM! After alarm numero uno, YHC almost fell prey to it’s deceptive powers of warmth & comfort thinking Q responsibility was yet a day away. Alas, ole trusty alarm #2 rudely shook me from the lies of Dream-State & I was off.

Rounding the corner to Grace UMC’s lot, I see UGA jogging in for the fun. #sugarray

42ish degrees welcomed the PAX this AM and fortunately no more precip (although all the rain did inspire today’s events)

No FNG’s so brief disclaimer with emphasis on invigorating men in their community & “I am not a professional” as if #Natville didn’t know that already…..I digress.

We’re off on a nice mosey for 2.5 blocks to the HandyCapable Network parking lot between Edgeworth & Spring.


SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC each direction

Leg Swings x 10 IC each leg

Plank medley while YHQ introduces PAX to a special non-profit: HandyCapable Network. Interested in helping or getting involved? See Chips or visit here:

Burpees X 5

IW x 25 IC

Mosey across street to Grasshoppers parking lot for:

The Thang – Ark Loader

Brief animal petting zoo visit:

Monkey Humpers x 20 IC

Grasshoppers x 10 IC

Now for the fun: partner Up

A “loads” animal to the yellow cone and finishes with a run up around the light pole returning to relieve partner B who was performing exercises AMRAP until flapjack with A. Proceed through all 7 sets of exercises.

– Bear Crawl/Squats

– Frog Jump/Merkins

– Duck Walk/Mt. Climbers

– Reverse Crab/WWII Situps

– Inch Worm/Donkey Kicks

– Bunny Hop/T-bar Merkins

– Lateral ape/Burpees

Where’s all the Mumblechatter? A mighty quiet PAX man handled the Ark leaving enough time for some EC.

Mosey up Edgeworth to Grasshopper stadium wall.

Partner BTTW:

Partner A BTTW while B does 25 of favorite core exercise. Flapjack til time called. Me thinks all PAX rolled thru at least 3-4 full rotations. #shouldersmoker #areyourBTTW?

Time called for return to Grace for a little:


Freddy Mercury (I think? A bit off script here) x 20 IC

Leg lifts Homer/Marge (t-claps Amphibious for name reminder!) x lost count

Side raises x 15 IC (By popular demand right Amphibious?!?)

AH X 20 IC


Hackman – Local Honey Q tomorrow

Poehler – March looking for Co-Q at Cornwallis Nightmare

Amphibious – contact Magic to Q Arise


An honor and pleasure as always to lead the PAX. You always get what you paid for with my Q’s – hope the price was right!

Amphibious: thanks for being one of the lone providers of mumblechatter this AM. Wouldn’t be the same without your running commentary.

Snowflake: thanks for being such a strong partner in the Gloom this AM. Q pushed & needed it.

T-claps to the PAX for listening (I think) to my not so subtle PSA about HandyCapable Network. We have a lot of awesome non-profits in our midst. When time and resources allow, I encourage you to get involved if you are able.

COT: my honor



PAX: Hackman, UGA (War Baby), Amphibious, Thermonator (RESPECT), Roker, Corn Hole, Golden Corral, Pohler, Light Year, Cavity, Leverage, Flapjack, Snowflake (RESPECT War Daddy)

QIC: Chips