I think the Pax were so glad it wasn’t raining they mistakenly posted to Shake and Bake. 14 brave souls came out on a nice morning to run some intervals. A brief disclaimer and after waiting a few seconds for Bodett we were off on a mosey to the far gate and around the track for a warm up lap. Then a few high knees and some butt kickers and wham we were ready to go.

Today we ran 800m repeats with a 400m recovery interval in between. All told we got in about 3.7 miles today.

A brief warm down mosey back to the flag and we enjoyed a little Broga to stretch it out. Well I enjoyed it – maybe not everyone. Matlock lead us in some reverse merkins (?) which was quite popular and then we finished with 30 American Hammers IC.

Great to see this AO get some momentum. Nice to see some new faces today and to have a couple guys step up to get on the Q list.

YHC was having a senior moment during name-o-rama trying to put a vest on while recording. Hard to do when you put your left arm in the right arm hole….well it turned out ok as the nurse put it back on for me when I got back to the home. And just in time for breakfast!

YHC took us out, thankful for the rain and the opportunity to get stronger together.


On Time’s father passed away yesterday. Look for details about the funeral from Matlock.

Wojo and Bed Bug’s mom is having back surgery tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tommy Boy is leading a nutrition challenge starting the day after the Super Bowl. Step up and get healthy together. Look for details from Tommy Boy.

Tommy Boy is looking for leaders for the Heart Walk. Please hit him up for details and help a good cause.

PAX: Everest

QIC: 01/24/17