This past Saturday a hearty group met at the park. We started out with a nice mosey to the church parking lot for the warm-a-rama lead by Stinzel and I.

The day’s beat down focused on the ‘core’. We started out with SSH, Imperial walkers and then some Superman/bananas. We then went right into Homers/Marges and a few Low Slow Flutters.

From there, we tried Successfully to count off by two’s. First group doing 20 merkins; 40 squats and 60 Low slow flutters. The second group did Sevens; 40 imperial walkers and 60 LSF. Then we switched it up. After that enjoyment, one’s did 5 chin ups; 10 wide merkins and 15 Imperial squat walkers. Two’s came on strong with 5 pull ups, 20 seconds Balls to the wall and then a 30 second wall sit.

Then we did an Indian run one’s and two’s, to the gate. From there, 1’s ran to the intersection 50% while 2′ planked. 1’s either strided, bear crawled or Lt Danned up the short hill. We all met back at the gate and just for fun, did some calf raisers.

From there, we moseyed back to the tennis porch and did some wall sits, partner push ups and planks. Onto Mary and Windmill helped lead box cutters, crunchy frogs and Freddy Mercuries.

To the flags for LSF and 60 America Hammers (thanks tommy boy for keeping me strong). Whicked lead the group in 10 burpies (darn, I missed those!).

Thanks. LOVE LEADING THIS GROUP. It is always a pleasure and F3 has given me personally SO MUCH more than I could ever return.











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Announcements- blood drive (Stinkycheese gave his incredible story about donations saving his life) and off to Cofeteria after Wickeds prayer. THANK YOU

QIC: Snookie with assist from stinzel and windmill!