4 Pax braved through Dr.PhiL’s Beatdown Therapy Session #2. While there was very little mumble chatter there was a good amount of echos of heavy breathing and groanings in foreign tongues of which we lacked interpretation.

The Beatdown:


SHH x 20

Mnt. Climbers x 20

Sun-gods Forward x 15

Sun-gods Backward x 15

Thang: (Partner-up): One partner runs length of parking garage to wall and back while other pax completes reps of specific exercise. When the runner returns, pax switch-off, an rinse and repeat until each team completes the full number of reps. Once they have completed the full number of reps per exercise, they move on to the next exercise in subsequent order – alternating runners as they complete reps per exercise.

Mnt. Climbers x 200 (In Cadence): Once complete the team has done 600 singles Mnt. Climbers

Hand Release Merkins x 200

WWII Sit-Ups x 200

Plank exercises: All 4 Pax completed a series of Plank stretches and holds together

Wojo Squats x 100 OYO

Circle of Mary:

Low slow flutter kicks x 20

Cockroach x 20

Diamond, Regular, Wide Merkins (7-7-7)

American Hammer x 20


“It always looks good on paper, doesn’t it?” – Daisy

“I consider myself counseled” – Daisy & BoyWonder

“This is by far the hardest I’ve worked out in a while. It must be all the running.” – Squid

“Yes Squid, it is all the running” – Daisy, BoyWonder, Dr.PhiL

PAX: Dr.PhiL

QIC: 01/24/17