Rain Rain did not go away.  Worked out under the awning except for the mosey.  No one escaped the puddles!


Approx 2 laps around parking lot.


25 X Side Straddle Hop IC

25 X Mountain Climbers IC

Lucky 7’s (7 Diamond, 7 Merkins and 7 Wide Merkins)

25 X Imperial Walkers IC

20 X Cobra Squats IC

20 X Sun Gods IC and Reverse

10 x Burpees OYO

Paired up (size DOES matter).  No Man Left Behind Beat Down.  Traveling back and forth from one cone to next completing exercise and then carrying your partner back to repeat.

  • Wheel Barrel partner to the end of cones then carry back partner to start and FLAPJACK
  • Spiderman together to end of cones, Carry back partner, repeat, FLAPJACK
  • Bear Crawl with partner on back to end of cones, Carry partner back then FLAPJACK
  • Burpee Broad Jump with Partner to end of cones, Carry partner back then FLAPJACK – SOME OMAHA or skipped
  • 25 Hand touch Merkins Carry partner to end of cones, repeat and FLAPJACK
  • Leap Frog partner FLAPJACK, to end of cones, carry partner back, Repeat FLAPJACK

CARRY PARTNER BONUS: Mini Murph at Playground 5- pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 Squats Flapjack – NOT THIS TIME


20 – 4ct. Box Cutters

20 – 4ct. Marge- Homer

20- 4ct. Freddy Mercury

20 – 4ct. American Hammers



Fun group of men with not much mumble chatter. 

Great anniversary beat down for Stage Fright! 

Will repeat this workout in the near future.

Honored to lead such fine men!



Great results with the Blood Drive – 44 bags!

COT – Stage Fright

PAX: Stage Fright

QIC: 01/23/2017