5 pax opted for an early Saturday #DRP and convened at Country Park in conditions that define the gloom.  In the heavy mist and fog and with headlamps rendered nearly useless, the pax set out.

Mosey from shovel flag to Safety Town for warm-a-rama.



Copperhead Squats X20 IC

Toy Soldiers X20 IC

Peoples Chair Air Claps X20 IC

Abe Vigodas X20 IC

Monkey Drill X10 IC

Fastpack from Safety Town to Country Park loop, picking up a lightweight 2-man coupon along the way.  Up the hill to the shelter for a Bent Jacob.

The Thang

Two (2) rounds of the following Bent Jacob.

Set                Bottom of Hill                    Top of Hill                                                                      

1                    10 Goblet Squats            20 Dips

2                    10 Goblet Squats            20 Irkins

3                    10 Goblet Squats            10 Step-Ups/Leg

4                    10 Goblet Squats            20 Jack Webbs

5                    10 Goblet Squats            20 Prisoner Get Ups (Rnd 1)/ 10 Lunges/Leg (Rnd 2)

Mosey to park gate, then Black Snake back to the shovelflag for Mary.


Low Slow Flutter X20 IC (Gilligan)

Crunchy Frog X20 IC (Matlock)

Chilcutt Plank 20 count (McGyver)

LBCs X20 IC (Kilowatt)

American Hammer X15 IC (Bodette)

Gilligan took us out.


  • #Cobains on the lightweight coupon.  Hidden beneath layers of clothing and packs, YHC grossly underestimated the burliness of seasoned ruckers.
  • A clowntruck trip to Jesse Wharton is needed to reclaim some of the useful coupons stowed in the woods there.  Reduce-Reuse-Recyle.
  • #Tclaps Matlock for the invitation to lead this morning.  Always an honor and a privilege.



PAX: minimal

QIC: yes