5 fulfilled PAX gathered in the chilly Northwest of Guildford County to spend a morning Fartlekking to their heart’s content.

After ensuring every man had a light of some kind, a disclaimer-less Q roused the men with the following:


SSH x25

High Knees x10

Don Quixote x15

The Thang:

Team Mosey with a first-ever left turn out of the park, and down to the stop sign at 68 to reveal Oak Ridge’s only hill.

Each man jailbreaked up the hill, recovery jogged down the hill, and repeated for a total of 5 reps (6 for Kay).

The team then rotated calling the Fartlek target all the way back to the shovel flag.

After a 10-count, the PAX took a full lap around all 4 fields at 50% intensity.

After another 10-count, the PAX did a 75% intensity lap around the fields or parking lot, based on individual preference/speed.

A final 10 count brought us to Mary.



run half parking-lot secondary to Gilmore-like activity by the PAX.

Low flutters x15

run the other half of the parking lot for completeness’ sake.

American Hammer x15

Jailbreak back to the shovel flag.


many PAX from GBO and Kvegas participating in Valentine’s Day Massacre, still time for more groups.

Toto’s M heading to Uganda in the morning to meet their new daughter!

Longtime heading to Uganda in the morning for BAM! (Business as Mission). Wife at home with baby, illness.

Jlove – daughter had CTScan, son getting dizzy spells.


Taken out by Sludge.

Always an honor!


PAX: The Real Toto

QIC: 01/19/17