F3 Greeting & Disclaimer


Gorilla Humpers, Side Straddle Hop, Don Q

Tha Thang

The Pax were divided into four teams to coincide with the respective stations as their start point in the AMRAP-WOD. Q advised that Pax had a choice of incorporating weights with each movement that could be enhanced with added resistance. Pax had to carry their weights with them as they traversed stations. Q demonstrated as need be various movements. Q advised Pax to count reps by cadence or individually according to their own discretion. Without much ado, the Pax jumped into the AMRAP with assorted vigor and many a resolve for excellence was tested. Here is the low down:

Four Stations (No. of reps modified to accommodate time constraints and grunting.) 

Station #1

Merkins x 30: Ranger, Diamond, Pancake or Hand Release

Station #2

Squats x 30: Overhead, Goblet, Dumb-bells Shouldered

Station #3

Lunges x 30: Lateral Twist, Lt. Dan’s, Overhead

Station #4

This & That x 30: Mountain Climbers, Broad Jump, Grasshopper toe touches


Homer Marge

15 Burpees OYO

Endless Planks (YHC has patent pending)

American Hammer


Blood Drive, Long Time’s trip to Uganda & 3rd F with Sacked


PAX: minimal

QIC: yes