It was great day to gather in summerfield,  after Polo almost took JR out coming in on two wheels.  I gave a short disclaimer with some mumble that warm o rama was going to be a little different and off we went.  We ran to bottom of hill and Bear Crawled back to the top where we did SSH X10 IC.  We then ran back to the bottom of the hill to bear crawl again to the top and do Imperial walkers X 10 IC, you guessed it ran again/bearcrawled again and did Hillbillies x 10 IC. We then moseyed to Amphitheater where we partnered up for the Thang;

FOUR STATIONS Were Layed out.

STATION 1 -Playground where we were to do 60 Burpee Pull ups (thanks Slum lord)

Station 2- Amphitheater steps  were we did 120 Decline Peter Parkers

Station 3 at the Base of the steps were we did 180 Carolina dry docks

Station 4 -the wall we did 240 Dips

These exercises were done as a team.  Partner A did exercise while Partner B ran into park to the fifth Street light and came back and flap Jacked.

FUNNY Conversations Happen when you run,

Misfire-How do you think Bunny Ranch got his name?

Xerox-Not sure, sure he didn’t say he frequents hookers.

Misfire-Maybe he is a Pimp.

It was almost timed perfectly but a few over achievers had to do some extra credit and do step ups at the wall-teach them to be sugar rays.

We gathered were we started to mosey back to Shovel flag with one extra sprint up the hill to Gate.


JR  started Pax off with some Low slow flutters, where I took over

My Favorite -Crunchy Frog X 20 IC

Copper head Crunches X 20 IC

Dying Cockroach X 20 IC

American Hammer X 25 IC


APOLLO on VQ Lunatic Fringe

Blood Drive This Sunday

Need a couple Pax to step up and help Slum Lord with Service

Stubing Took us out


As always it is my privilege to lead such a great group of men, my hope is that we got better today!!!


QIC: 01/19/17