Between YHC’s vacation and the snow, it was time to knock off the rust and start getting ready for the upcoming races. It was great to see 10 other Pax come out to help drag me around the track. Also great to see Hazmat back out during his rehab! And great to see Man Eater keep lapping me over and over and over and…

A brief disclaimer and we were off to a warm up mosey around the track, followed by some high knees and butt kickers to finish the warm-o-rama. Then we began…

The Thang:

Today’s fun centered around a series of 400m runs with 200m recoveries (walk/mosey). YHC got in about 3.5 miles today and could definitely feel the lack of runs over the last few weeks. Then we warmed down and recollected the Pax moving back to the shovel flag…


During and despite the mumble chatter, YHC led us through some Broga stretching. And no, I did not get a yoga membership for Christmas (but would have liked one in case you are thinking of a gift for YHC…). We finished with some American Hammers x 30 IC.


Blood drive this Sunday. Please sign up or if you signed up before – you are still on the list.

Prayers for Matlock’s assistant Shannon who has had a death in the family.

COT: YHC took us out with message to look out for our neighbors and strangers, especially in this season that can be depressing for some.

PAX: Everest

QIC: 01/17/2017