After a brief disclaimer and check in for the rare and endangered FNG the Pax moseyed to Government Plaza from AO.


A little bit of this and that. Not enough to talk about.

Tha Thang

Things to know:

Four stations all done as a team x20 per movement.

Stations #1 & #4 at the bottom of the stairs & stations #2 & #3 at the top of the plaza.

Bear Crawl between each station.

Modified to x10 for each movement for ROUND #3 based on groans and injury potential.

At ROUND #3 Bear Crawls converted to Copperhead Walking Lunges.

3 ROUNDS completed.


Station #1 180® Jump Squats

Station #2 In & Outs

Station #3 Burpee Broad jumps

Station #4 Inch Worm w/ Merkin

Indian Run (Indigenous Individual Run) back to AO


String Ripper, Low Dolly, High Dolly, Homer Marge, Endless Plank variations & American Hammer


Blood Drive, Who is Q at what…blah, blah, blah…

Flo took us out with a thoughtful prayer to EL SEÑOR.


PAX: Slum Lord

QIC: 01/18/2017