The Pax gathered to test their resolve and become men at the most peaceful of AOs. These men did not find peace, but violence. YHC channeled his inner Gunny to set the Pax against a gauntlet of testosterone fueled obstacles. The greatest obstacle to overcome being the obstacle of their minds to do less than their best. This is how it went…(BTW additional movements were added that need not be mentioned here…they are burned in the souls of the heroes that completed the herculean tasks set before them that dreary morning. Oh yes, there were defectors, but do not let your hearts be weary, each man must follow his own path to glory.

Warm Up

American Hammer

Homer Marge

Don Q’s

MOSEY to Jungle Gym

Divide into teams 3 teams to 4 teams. AMRAP. GOAL is 10 rounds and settle for 5 rounds. Teams rotate

Movement #1 Tuck Jumps x20

Movement #2 Toes2Bar or modify w/ Roman Chair x15

Movement #3 Wall Walk into Handstand Merkin x10

Optional Movement #4 Plyo Merkins  x10

MOSEY to Flag for COT

Monkey Humpers

Plank Variations

Star Jump Sun Gods (aka Sparkle Pony)


Prayers for a new baby on the way. Remember the blood drive and 3rd F reminder. Bulldog is going to teach the Pax how to love.

PAX: Slum Lord

QIC: 01/16/2017