Thank you for the opportunity Dr. Phil.  Hope that your pitched nerve in your back gets better soon!

We had an awesome group turn out this morning for fellowship and fitness.  Thank you Sacked for bringing the weights this morning!

Music selection was Pandora High Intensity Workout Station.  Most mumble chatter was when “Hey Big Girl, Can you back it up?” was playing.  JLove, Sacked, Polar, and Butt Fumble liked the lyrics.  Q even asked if they needed a replay.  By request, that may be on the playlist of the F3 prom this year.

Started at 5:30 sharp with Intro to F3 with disclaimer about you versus you.

10 exercises with 1 minute oyo followed by 15 second recovery.  It was a good mix of exercises with a fair amount of core work mixed in.  WOD below.

Work out of the Day (WOD)

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Flutter Kicks x IC
  4. Tbar Pushups
  5. Squat Curls
  6. Kettlebell/dumbbell situp
  7. Table Bench Press
  8. Bent Row
  9. Crunchy Frog
  10. Turkish Getup

1st Break – Futt Fumble took the opportunity and we can down and back in the parking garage followed by Plank.

2nd Break – Side straddle hop, plank and then table.

Finale – Replaced 3rd round Turkish Getup with Burpees oyo followed by American Hammer x 20 IC

COT – Sacked


  • Butt Fumble is leading the blood drive this Sunday.  If on list, you are signed up at the same time before it was proposed.  There are a couple of slots left.  Butt Fumble is going to get some food and t-shirts available.  Need some volunteers for coordination.
  • Successful Reshelter Diner at Arise this past Sunday.  Another one coming up in February.
  • Butt Fumble looking for couple of guys to join the Service Chair Committee.  1 year commitment.  Thank you Butt Fumble for all the hard work!
  • JLove leading the bible study on Friday at lunch at 1852 Pembroke (Search Office, behind Moe’s on Battleground).  15 to 20 guys weekly.  Thank you for putting this together and is for beginner thru experienced.
  • Polar is Qing CN on 2/18 and 3/18 and looking for Co Qs to team with especially guys who would like to try it for the 1st time.

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 01/17/2017