9 hearty PAX joined Wolverine on the Q at Oak Ridge Park for a 2 part beat down. One FNG EH’d by Stubing (an astute reader might note that Stubing was not among the PAX and conclude there was fart-sacking). Despite the Q’s best effort, no merlot was spilled. The Q killed his Fitbit in the last week (too awesome for it? Who can say?) and as a result needed to rely on the PAX to keep time.


Indian run from the shovel flag to the concession stand, passing a 10 lb medicine ball

SSH – 25 count IC

String rippers/cotton pickers – 15 count IC

Sun gods – 15 count IC wind, 15 count IC unwind

Imperial Walkers – 20 IC Windmills/Heisenburgs – 15 count IC


The PAX lined up against the concession stand wall, alternating wall squats and balls to the wall while on executed 15 perfect (ahem) merkins. Shift and repeat until all 10 completed the Merkins.


The PAX paired off to complete the exercises below. One ran 100 meter circuit while the other exercised. The count picked up where the partner left off.

50 Lunges: each leg = 1 rep

50 Diamond Merkins

50 Prisoner’s Squats

50 Carolina Dry docks

50 Crab Cakes

50 Werkins

50 Monkey Humpers

Rinse & repeat

Indian run back to the shovel flag from the concession stand, passing a 10lb medicine ball

6 MOM:

25 Freddie Mercurys IC

Leg Climbers – 10 per leg

Xs & Os

American Hammer – 25 IC


FNG Ruben Rush – die hard Duke and Panthers fan, Financial Analyst @ LabCorp. The Q debated “Blades”, “Sandwich”, “Today’s Tom Sawyer, Who Gets by on You” but after 3 seconds of consideration, settled on “Limbaugh”.

Blood drive 1/22: Want to sign up? Check out www.redcrossblood.org and plug in Greensboro/Jan 22 and look for the site: Cycles de Oro and look for open spots.

Udders says it is time for another 2nd F lunch on Friday, the 20th @ Pollo Pizza Pasta off of 68, just up from I-40 from 11:50 on. If you are out that way come on by.

Kay reminded us of the coming Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon at Country Park in Greensboro– team of 4, each alternating running 1.6M legs 4 times each (beer consumption in between optional, but YHC told not recommended). Still time to field a team. Udders, EPA, Kay and Heisenberg can help you get on a team. Sunday, Feb 12th @ 10AM. Look it up at www.massacremarathon.com.


Udders took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead a fine group PAX!



PAX: Wolverine

QIC: 01/17/17