3 of F3 Greensboro’s finest posted this morning for vigorous Cougar Town workout.

Warmorama:  SSH, Sun Gods (Wind & Unwind), Chinooks (Wind & Unwind), Runner’s Lunge Stretches, Rockette Squats & String Rippers.

Thang #1:  Did 4 exercises (Flutter Step Squats, High Knees, Burpees, SSH) ea. for 60 seconds, then rested 20 seconds.  Rinse & repeat for 50 seconds each, 40 seconds ea….., down to 10 seconds each.

Thang #2: Each man picked up a 20 lb. paver block, and we all moseyed to the track behind the school.  We then rinsed and repeated the following 5x:  Ran 1 lap, and then did 20 hand release merkins, 20 dips, 20 paver curls & 20 paver overhead presses.  We then took our blocks, and moseyed back to the front lot.

Mary: 13 In & Out’s (IC), 13 Freddy Mercury’s (IC), 13 Crunchy Frogs (IC), 15 Pfeiffer Scissors (IC), 13 Box Cutters (IC) & 15 American Hammers (IC).

Announcements:  The blood drive has been rescheduled for Sunday, 1/22.  Heisenberg also promoted the Masker Marathon happening on 2/12, and mentioned that several F3 pax participating.

YHC/Q then led the pax out with a prayer.

PAX: Thurmanator

QIC: 139