Thankful for the gift of F3, 72 men (including 4 FNGs) gathered at Hanes Park where it started for them just over three years ago — 1,106 days ago, to be exact.  Starfish reminded them of the occasion, Burlap offered a disclaimer, and off they went.

The Thang:

Mosey to field inside of track for Warm-o-Rama, all in cadence:

SSHs x 20, IW x 15, Peter Parkers x 12, Mountain Climbers x 15, merkins x10, Parker Peters x 15, Copperhead Squats x 20, Running with Scissors x 15.  Turn it over to Toto.

1st F:  FITNESS  Let’s get “Toto-Fit” (registered trademark).

Toto takes the Q and promises to reveal his secrets so that all Paxes can become “Toto-Fit”.  Also, Toto worked hard to use short words and simple concepts so that our brothers from Greensboro would be able to understand.

Mosey with whistle stops for burpees and merkins to area beside Wiley Gym.  A salute to Broga focusing on the “T” and “O” poses followed by Toto-Hops in Toto-Cadence.

While the Toto-Fit portion was Totoally Totoriffic, ultimatelyToto revealed that F3 was about distributed leadership.  So he called in Mongoose, Capri Sun and BAM! to the middle of the circle for a real F3 fitness segment.  Rapid fire, medium counts, no waiting in between for:  Merkins, SSHs, WWII Sit-ups, Mountain Climbers. Then bear crawl counterclockwise a while and return using crabwalk.  Turn it over to Butter.

2nd F:  FELLOWSHIP  Time for partner/teamwork

Partner up — size matters — for Dora 1, 1.5, 2

Partners alternate running @40 yards and back and exercises to a team total of 100 merkins, 150 squats and 200 LBCs.  Then Partner push across field and flapjack — repeat.  Partner pull and flapjack.  Then Partner carry and flapjack.  Turn it over to Resistor.

3rd F:  FAITH (What is Resistor going to do here?)

Gather the Pax.  Remind them that we workout together not for ourselves but for the guy next to us, and we do it as a response to our Maker.

Get in groups of three.  One runs up Education Hill while the other two do squats at the bottom.  Flapjack.  At the top of the hill, each successive runner does 10 burpees, then 8 and so on down to 2.  Plank at the bottom with called variations until all done.

Then all run up the hill once more to perform 12 more burpees and return and plank.

Finally, all bear crawl up the hill to perform 10 merkins and run back down.

Six Minutes of Mary

Resistor transitions to the soccer field.  Low flutter x 20 IC, American hammer x 12 IC, 12 WWII sit-ups OYO.  Turn over to Lysol.

Freddie Mercuries x 21 IC, Rosalita x 21 IC.  Bring on Ice Dancer.

Low Dolly x 21 IC, Protractor at Qs requested angles (including 105 degrees).


COT — BAM! took us out noting that he didn’t need to speak long as Resistor had already preached the sermon.  BAM took us out with strong words including gratitude for our F3 brothers and encouragement to take what we are given and give it away in every aspect of our lives.


  • One of YHC’s (Burlap’s) favorite moments of the day came early when during the disclaimer, @TheProfessional reminded us that he is indeed a Professional.
  • Good natured crowd throughout the morning with lots of banter during the moseys and transitions.
  • Lots of mumblechatter during the first F portion led by @Toto and his friends.  If the Pax did not know, @Toto was doing the T-O-T-O section in jest — he is not that Toto-centric.
  • @BAM! may have led the fastest tempo SSHs in F3WS history, and maybe in all of F3 Nation.
  • That was followed by the fastest squats YHC has ever performed led by @CapriSun.
  • @Mongoose changed the tempo with (slow) tempo merkins and incited some groins from the PAX.
  • Several Pax were concerned that @Toto would have us bear crawl the entire perimeter of the 72-man circle of pain, but we only made it about 45 degrees.
  • There were lots of good partner work and funny commentary during the Dora portion.
  • @Spicoli was partnered with his 7-year old 2.0, @ChitChat, and realized that because they were to do 100 merkins as a team, that meant he was doing 100 merkins.
  • My 2.0, FNG @Parkay, did not have good body-sized partner (as @CapriSun and @RedCard partnered up), so he was a third wheel with @RoadApple and YHC.  He didn’t do much of the exercises but ran and was still worn out.
  • The 3-man portion of the hill work with descending burpees totals led at least two of the teams to a total of 18 burpees for one person and 12 burpees for the others, and three trips up the hill for the one with the most burpees, but only two trips up for the others. This is a lesson of most faiths that understand our lives are not always “fair” in our eyes and that we often depend on others to carry the load.
  • During the planking portion, the one calling the variations (@Resistor?) called for left leg up while the right leg was still in the air.  We have been doing this for three years, but we are not that good.
  • The Pax was pretty well challenged throughout the workout — this was not an easy, feel good, light workout for the celebration — such that they were happy to hit their six for Mary.
  • Strong work by all, especially the FNGs, who apparently got their money’s worth.
  • Welcome @LesMis who declared that he had “one more day” at 39 years of age.  Happy birthday tomorrow, and enjoy the soreness!  Be thankful that the Pax didn’t go another turn or two to Fantine, Cosette or Anne Hathaway.
  • Welcome @Quaker.  Apparently the Pax used up its near-term creativity on @LesMis, so named the guy named Oates, “Quaker”.  There was some murmuring for “Diabetes” pronounced “diabeatus”, but @Lysol and @Burlap didn’t hear it.
  • Welcome @SourMash, introduced by @MiniMe as a connoisseur of bourbon.  YHC thought we might go to “Buffalo Trace” based on recent tweets from @Cobra, but we quickly got to a strong name.   Good work, @SourMash.
  • Welcome @Parkay.  YHC introduced him with very little description.  Someone asked what his middle name was, and YHC replied truthfully, Harrison.  We all looked at @Butter and quickly got to Parkay.  @Butter was understandably proud.
  • Great to see multiple shovel flags out today.  Let’s put out an APB out on the rest of them and start using them at every AO.  Look for an announcement from @PonyExpress to gather a flag-making party soon.
  • Great to have several brothers from #Natville and #Btown.  Looking forward to the MEGA which is likely to be hosted by Greensboro this year.
  • T-Claps to @Landshark, @Spicoli , and @Lysol for their help in supplying post-workout beverages and doughnuts.
  • Good to see #OriginalRedwoods out today:  Cobra, Glazer, Katniss, Lysol, Mongoose, Spicoli, Starfish, Toto, Zoolander and BAM! as the first fart-snacker.
  • Special thanks to @Lysol for all of his leadership and for supplying YHC with most of this BB.
  • @MiniMe is always welcome in the #Dash as he was instrumental in planting the F3 flag in W-S and is of course indirectly responsible for planting Greensboro, K-Vegas, Burlington, and High Point (so far).  Thanks again, @MiniMe!

Please add your comments below.

Yours in all 3 Fs,



PAX: Roosevelt (OR), Daphne, Palin, Peacemaker, THE Professional, BAM! (OFSR), Mini Me, FNG Sour Mash, LaVela, Undertow, Goofy, Drano, Fester, Manscape (WD), Starfish (OR), Fingers, Road Apple, Alvin, Thumper, Vape, CO2, Sgt Schulz, Red Card, Splash, Ripple, Interference, Beverly, Patch, Cheerio, Toe Tag, D-Day, Pony Express, LabRat, Wojo, Mongoose (OR), Katniss (OR), Toto (OR), Butter, Cobra (OR), Landshark, Rustbucket, Short Sale, Tuco, Zoolander (OR), Ice Dancer, Winklevoss, Resistor, Red Eye, Spamalot, Carl Jr, Phelps, Juice Box, Capri Sun, FNG Parkay, ChitChat (WB), Spicoli (OR), Ramses, Rainbow Dash, Bodette, The Singing Cowboy, Everest, Lemming, BALCO, Total Recall (not 56), 1040-EZ, FNG Les Mis, FNG Quaker, ‘BoutTime, LeFreak, Glazer (OR), Burlap, Lysol (OR)

QIC: Starfish, Burlap, Toto, Mongoose, Capri Sun, BAM, Butter, Resistor, Lysol, Ice Dancer