The Oaks Ridge Boys were at it again at the Cadet Shuffle after the snow had finally melted significantly yesterday. Today’s PAX of 4 are all in on the Massacre Marathon Relay coming up at the Country Park in Greensboro on Sunday, February 12th. Moving forward we will try to boost our mileage some as we train for that event but will continue to remain flexible so we can break in people that are not in running shape or just want to start running some. Think about joining a team and running 4 legs totalling about 6.5 miles. Here is how it played out today:



1 Minute Of Stratching

10 Hot Foots R & 10 L


We take off for 2 laps around the perimeter of the park for about 1.8 miles.

We take a 1 minute break and then karaoke 150 yards and then sprint back. After a 30 second break we do another lap around the perimeter. Then we do 2 laps around the 4 ball fields (about .4 miles per lap).

Total  mileage for the group was about 3.6-3.7 miles. Not bad but will try for more in the coming weeks for any that are able to do so.


20 Windmills IC

1 Minute Of Stretching


Kay took us out.

A good job by all. Kay set the pace and we all pushed ourselves.


Massacre Marathon: Check it out and consider joining a group for the 4 person relay.

Bllod Drive Rescheduled To January 22nd. Go to and pull up the date and click on the site: Cycles de Oro and see if there are available spots if interested.

Prayer concern for some parents that have teens with depression problems.

It was an honor to lead again,


PAX: Heisenberg

QIC: 01/12/17