A few weeks ago YHC was asked to lead Natty’s Hump, aka The Hump to many of us. A plan was devised to try that would give all ability levels something to work on. Arriving at the AO, the weather was clear and the rain had stayed away. The 40 degree weather seems balmy after the single digits of the last few days. The Q was eager to get going knowing that last time this workout list was used the Pax did not get through it. Here goes for try #2. The disclaimer was given at 5:29 so that the workout could begin promptly at 5:30. However, an important step of asking for any FNGs was skipped. Fortunately, for YHC, it turned out that there were no FNGs.


Began with 5 burpees OYO since Pax were still rolling in.

Alabama Prom Date x 15 IC (paying tribute to the football game Monday night that resulted in several #fartsacks across the region)

Mosey to a larger area of the parking lot for:

SSH x 20 IC

Jump Ropes – Pax counts off so that Q can do some math. Turns out we had 27, perfect for a 3 man grinder!

IW x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Mt. Climbers x 20 IC


Form 3 man teams and mosey to other side of bus to find some small light coupons (aka-Drago’s bags of sand). Each team grabs one and is told to meet at the park fence. After a quick pause at the fence to warn of ice, Pax continues to park loop intersection. There the team encounters the following exercises:

Exercises each round -AMRAP

  1. Clean & press
  2. Squats holding bag
  3. Overhead press
  4. Curls
  5. Cusack Lunges
  6. Burpee w/bag (yes, the bag stays in your hands and goes above head)
  7. Good Mornings (bear hug bag or bag on shoulders based on your ability)
  8. Standing Rows
  9. Tabletop w/bag on abs
  10. Imperial Walkers w/bag on shoulder

Rinse & Repeat

Member A goes to bottom of hill for an ascending merkin burpees until relieved by Member B. Member C gets sandbag and begins exercises on board; 1 exercise per visit move down one line next rotation.

At about 6:05, pax meets at the intersection for a little catch me if you can. 1 partner begins running with the bag. The other 2 complete 8 burpees combined then run to catch their bag. Upon catching, 1 partner runs, other 2 complete burpees and chase. This is completed back to Q’s car where bags are piled and a #jailbreak is called back to the shovelflag.


Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Gas pump x 10 IC (lived up it’s name again!)

American Hammer x 20 IC


  • Tommy Boy needs some team leaders for this year’s Heart Walk
  • Blood Drive has been moved to 1/22. Your old appt. stands, if you did not have one you can still make one.
  • Long Time is heading to Uganda for a mission trip empowering Christian support for business leaders. Looking for support if you can: https://www.youcaring.com/westoverchurchmarkwatsonbamuganda-701303
  • Butt Fumble is looking for servers at the emergency shelter this Sunday.


  • Daisy runs like the FLASH to avoid burpees T-CLAPS!!! Less Hootie & I had to carry that dang bag.
  • YHC only see Sendek at my Qs. Hope I am living up to what you are expecting brother.
  • T-claps to Roker and Nomad for helping load the sandbags back into the car
  • Next time, need to have the 2.0s load the sandbags the night before and not save it for prior to the workout in the morning.
  • Sorry for the delay in posting this BB. Crazy day at work including having to take M to the urgent care and one of my trucks hitting 4 cars in a gruesome looking accident.
  • I’ll miss you guys in the short term, as I have to take some time off to help the M. She fell Wednesday morning on our stairs and is in a splint and sling on her right arm. Going to have to stay home to help her get ready and make lunches/breakfasts for the 2.0s

PAX: Sendek, Long Time, Wojo, Lock Jaw, CJ, Botox, Tommy Boy, Norwood, Stinky Cheese, Jitterbug, Roker, Double Check, Bed Bug, Hoosier, Stage Fright, Apollo, Everest, Hootie, Slum Lord, Poehler, Therminator, Schnitzel, Daisy, Nomad, Xerox, Night Stand, Bodett

QIC: Bodett