22 PAX waited and giggled in anticipation on the impending snow blizzard apocalypse but more importantly the chance to play and display their sack of balls.  Luckily only a few were confused as they watched their fellow men tear into their groups balls like crazed honey badgers.  The group welcomed Tommy Boy’s EH’ed FNG Forrest Howard aka One Night Stand (later to be changed to Nightstand after an intense review by the ad-hoc committee) after said introduction the men took a short mosey followed by….


SSH x 25

Sun Gods x 15

Unwind x 15

Moroccan Night Club x 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

The Thang

PAX counted off into six groups (there is never an easy way to do this as many PAX take their shoes off to count with their toes). YHC wasted no time displaying six shiny ball sacks for the PAX to see. Each group got a ball sack with six ping pong balls labeled 1-6 that corresponded to a station spanning each end of the parking next to the track. As opposed to previous Balls ‘O workouts, bad news for those that drew stations nearby as those modes of transportation were a little tough… it happened. PAX reached into their respective ball sacks, drew a number and headed off into the gloom for a beat down that went a little something like this:

Station #1 @ Parking Lot Corner

Merkins x 20

Copperhead Squats x 30

Dips x 40

Station #2 @ Parking Lot Corner (with blocks, see Boone’s Farm, we used “weights”)

Jack Webbs x 20

Bent Rows x 30

Extensions x 20

Station #3 mid-Parking Lot

Shoulder Taps x 20

Carolina Dry Docks x 30

LBCs x 40

Station #4 @ mid-Parking Lot

Side Tri Rise x 20 each arm (P90X)

Turkish Get-ups x 30

Bobby Hurleys x 40 (Crowd Pleaser)

Station #5 @ end of Parking Lot

Booyah (partner hi-5) Merkins x 20

Low Slow Flutter x 30 in cadence

Plank Jacks x 40 in cadence

Station # 6 @ Gate to Country Park

Burpees x 20

Dying Cockroach x 30

Squat Jacks x 20 single count


American Hammers x 40 in cadence  (that’s it, that’s all…)

Blood Drive this Sunday.  Sign-up through American Red Cross or check all of your social media, email, etc.  Stinky Cheese gave a testimonial about receiving blood in 2001 after losing 50% of his blood, those dang kangaroos!

TPS looking for Q’s at Cougar Town on January 21st and 28th.

New book started at the 3rd F at Panera title “Destined for Conquest”.

At some point….Booney is going to Ireland.  Thoughts and prayers for his family as they try to leave tomorrow (January 7th) during the snow storm (that’s a long car ride).




PAX: Poehler

QIC: 01/06/2017