Deep in the gloom of a lonely valley in the heart of the Northland aka Summerfield four brave and bewildered souls set forth on a quest to become H.I.M. Here is the tale of their adventure…

YHC gave the greeting to the Pax and told them not to sue themselves or anyone else for their folly. The Pack moseyed to the recreation center parking lot for a little Warm-a-rama.

Side Straddle Hop, Monkey Humpers & Don Quixote. Xerox monkey humped with incredible vigor and special adeptness. He must be practicing at home.

The Pack moseyed to the Jungle Gym. Xerox shared with the Pax that he happily wears size 15 shoes. Age restricted comments followed, mostly from YHC. The Jungle Gym brought out the best in each of us as we did this…

Tha Thang

5 ROUNDS x10 reps per set as a group

  1. Burpee Pull Up
  2. Prisoner Get Up
  3. Pancake Merkins

The Pack retired to the parking lot for a little sprinting…

Sprint Ladder

60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%

The Pack departed from the highlands and moseyed to the Flag for the COT.


LBC, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Dip Variations & Derkins at the Veterans Memorial

Announcements and Prayer

Blood Drive & YHC shared some personal thoughts and a prayer request.

PAX: Xerox, Polo, Wolverine

QIC: Slum Lord