31 crisp New Year degrees greeted 13 PAX and an FNG along with YHC for a little #DRP Sweat Angel style: 0.0 running.  For a moment, I was a little worried about the lack of weights as the PAX gathered.  Maybe I should’ve put out an F3 Natville Weights Batcall last night?  Jitterbug set all concern aside as he rolled in and opened the double suburban doors of joy!
F3 dumbbells all around: check
Music on: check
Cardboard Weinke for the Thang: check
Thanks to the presence of an FNG, YHC had the opportunity to see if his disclaimer skills were up to snuff.  F3, 3 F’s, this is the 1st, mmmmmm?, small workout groups, male leadership, can’t sue, I ain’t no Pro, etc. Bases covered, ready to go.
SSH x 30 IC
Sun Gods x 15 ea. direction IC sobriety style
Rope climbers x 30 IC
Toy soldiers x 30 IC
– memory fuzzy…..may have been one more
The Thang:
On the Ciabatta clock (45 sec work; 15 sec rest) for three rounds of:
Side Lateral Raises
Mt. Climbers
Merkins (plyo if you can/choose)
Weighted Lunges
Weighted Squats (Jump if you can/choose)
Each exercise is AMRAP until time is up.
2 Minute Rest Period after each circuit:
Rest #1 sponsored by: Jitterbug – flutter kicks
Rest #2 sponsored by: Amphibious – Cumberland County Viaducts & YHC with LBC x 40 IC
Rest #3: IW x 30 finishing with 5 more reps of each exercise of the circuit and plank til done
Freddy Mercury x 30 IC
Side V ups x 15 each direction IC
Sit ups x 20 IC
AH x 20 IC
Jitter Bug: 3rd F Thursdays: Greene Joes, Long Time Q
Blood Drive, January 8, Cycles de Oro, sign up here: http://www.redcross.org/index.jsp
Long Time: Ugandan Mission Trip.  Pray and support if you can here: Help Empower Christian Entrepreneurs in Uganda! | Mission Trips – YouCaring
Welcome FNG no longer, now Slur!  T-claps Flow for the EH
Amphibious – a bit more subdued this AM brother.  Must have been the cold hands – #neednewgloves?
Jitter Bug – T-claps for hauling all the extra F3 weight around from AO to AO!
Long Time – props for continued job well done in getting this AO off the ground.  Peace to you brother on your upcoming trip!
Slur – thanks for joining the fray with us this AM in the Gloom.  Hope to see you back out soon – there’s an opportunity at multiple locations every morning of the week.  SYITG
Schnitzel – I agree with Long Time.  That’s a sweet workout hat, but you gotta have a better story behind it!!
Splinter – nice job living up to the nickname for some early EC
Boy Wonder – see you at CA; thanks for noticing I was reppin.  Got to, all I have is there everyday….
Great to be with you men.  YHC definitely did himself in over the holidays with too much festive food all around and too many fartsacks!  Thanks for allowing me to lead the way this AM no matter how smoked I was along the way.  Job well done by all.  I still swear it got colder somewhere about half way.  Shiver me timbers!

PAX: 01/05/17

QIC: 231