11 PAX collected their 2017 rain badge on the first day of eligibility. 9 PAX chose boot camp and 2 PAX chose the 4.5 mile splinter run.



20 Side Straddle Hop

20 Monkey Humpers

15 Windmills (Each way)




Mosey to the base of West Northwood St. PAX were given the instructions to scale/run up the ‘mountain’ to the first street and return to base for 10 merkins. Repeat to second street, 20 merkins at the base. Repeat to third street, 30 merkins at the base. And finally, to the fourth street, 40 merkins at the base. PAX then planked for the six, followed by a brief 10 count rest. Second round, was changed to Going up the mountain and stopping at each cross street to do exercises. Up the mountain, 10, 20, 30 and 40 Carolina Dry Docks. Back down the mountain, 10, 20, 30, 40, Shoulder Taps each arm. Time was called and PAX moseyed together back to the shovel flag.



4 MOM:

20 LBCs

12 Cindy Crawfords each side

20 American Hammers


No Annoucements


The group went out together with the Lord’s Prayer.


Well done Men.



PAX: Leverage

QIC: 01/02/17