Five hearty souls made the righteous choice to leave the comfortable shelter of Shake Weight and join YHC in a little shoulder/core work in a non-burpee atmosphere of love and acceptance. Everyone opened up their heart chakras and found his power animal aptly named Pain. Here is how it went…

Intro double time

Mosey to Court House

Sun Gods


Plank Variations

The Drill

*In cadence single count times 10 for everything. AMRAP

#1 Alternating Reverse Bridge Get Up Leg Extension

#2 Dive Bombers

#3 Wojo Squats

#4 Shoulder Tap Man Makers

#5 Donkey Kicks

Mosey back to Grace UMC

* 3 rounds completed by the Pax

COT in traditional cadence (1,2,3…)

Superman-Banana x20

Cindy Crawford x20

Freddy Mercury x30

American Hammer x30


Blood Drive at Cycles D’Oro January 8.

Community Breakfast setup WOD. More like musical chairs.



PAX: Bulldog, Phoenix, Cavity, Flow

QIC: Slum Lord