On a brisk, wet morning a PAX of 7 beat the fartsack on the last Thursday of the year.  A few even made the long journey north.  The beatdown was altered some given the rainy conditions.  This is how it went down.


Mosey to the school parking lot.  SSH X 10IC, Windmills X 15IC, Cotton Pickers X 15IC, Sun Gods X 10IC each way.


Merkin/Outlaw Ladder-  Bear Crawl to cones, 20 Merkins, Bear Crawl back and do 10 Outlaws.  Continue this moving down by 2’s with Merkins and up with Outlaws until do 10 Merkins and 20 Outlaws.  Total of 90 Merkins and Outlaws.

Next, partner up and one partner runs to playground and does a set of Pullups while other does Jump Squats.  Continue for 4 sets.

Ascending Testicles-  Feet on wall at 15 degrees and complete 10 derkins, walk to 45 degrees and complete 10 derkins, finally walk it up all the way for Balls to the Wall and hold.

Finish the Thang with some cardio-  In the parking lot, Sprint, Back Pedal back, Sprint, High Knees back, Sprint, Side Step back, Sprint, Jog Back.


LBC’s, Reverse Crunch, Flutter Kicks, and American Hammer.


Blood drive on 1/8/17, still need to fill more spots

Cecil is the new AO at Sad Clown Killer


Wicked took us out.

It was an honor to lead this group of men today.



PAX: Misfire

QIC: 12/29/2016