On this morning 14 PAX made the choice to enter the gloom and deny thy fartsack with the sole objective of experiencing a little Speed and Violence (per the pre-blast), closing out 2016 with purpose .  Every morning between 4:45 and 5:18am, men peel off covers, make ready and begin their day with power and impact.  YHC would contend that a majority of mornings, (particularly given cold, wet or hot ass climates) this is not an easy decision, yet every morning men across Natville and beyond choose to do so.  God bless you boys in the gloom.  This day was no different and so it went….  Disclaimers disclaimed and we mozied out and up to Starmount  Pres Church for the day’s chores.


SSH’s – 20x

Sun Gods – 20x Forward, no recovery / 20x Reverse

Altermating Shoulder Taps – 20x   (Here mumble chatter fomented with something or another about inordinate amount of shoulder work)…  YHC confused.  Only called out 3 shoulder warm-ups in succession…

Copperhead Squats – 20x

Wind Mills – 20x

Monkey Humpers – 20x

Completing our Warm-O-Rama, we mozied across the field to the business park to begin our evolution…..  “THE THANG”…  No cones, no laminated copies, no props needed for today’s evolution.  No sirree…  Just a partner, 5 simple instructions and relentless attitude to accomplish The Thang.  

The Thang (The Indy 1000)

Partner up….Partner A is doing exercise listed below AMRAP, Partner B races around the business park to relieve partner A, flapjack and repeat process until all reps are completed

  • Hand Release Merkins  x 200
  • Sun Gods x 200
  • Squats x 300
  • WWII Sit-Ups x 200
  • Dips x 200

Called an Omaha with two teasm fionishing up.  Longer mozy back to shovelflag


Concluded the day’s work with Low Slow Flutters, LBC’s and the venerable American Hammers


  •  Tclaps to the 14 PAX that chose the #RedPill this morning.  YHC especially appreciative of the encouragement among the Pax as we ran around and endured the upper body fest.
  • Wilma, Dean, Prophet and Leverage were killing it out there today
  • Awesome to see some new-ish but returning faces like Freighliner and Streamer
  • Of course always encouraging to see salty vets like Lightyear, Bodette, Hoser, Nomad, Pinto out in the gloom leading by example
  • Tclaps to Corn Hole and hos 2.0 Blackshirt for their Father/Son tandem.  Awesome sight to see

Please check your weekly update emails from SlunLord and Scooby Doo for 3rd F updates/opportunities and Service opportunities, respectively.  And remember be Eh’ing.  There’s someone you know that isn’t doing it.  #PlantGrowServe

My honor and privilege always to help facilitate..


PAX: Wilma, Streamer, Nomad, Hoser, Leverage, Prophet, Freightliner, Lightyear, Pinto, Cornhole, Blackshirt (Corn Hole’s 2.0), Dean, Bodette, Gunny (QIC)

QIC: Gunny