I was cold out for about 5 minutes then the Ranger Merkins kicked in!. Five Ruckers battled through the ruck packs and dumbbelll coupons on last day of 2016. If you have not had a chance to ruck yet, get out early one Saturday and check it out. Here is an interesting article from Men’s Health Magazine


  • Mosey around parking lot to playground
  • Merkins X 10 IC
  • Copperhead Lunge X 10 IC (each leg) #InHonorOfWideLeft
  • Ranger Merkins X 10 IC – huffing and puffing now
  • Copperhead Squat X 15 IC
  • Grab a piece of the playground and perform deadman hang for 30 count
  • Al Gore for 20 count
  • Side Straddle Squats X 10 IC


  • Hit the Copperhead trail – Headlamps on and watch for tree roots
  • Stop half way along the trail (around .3 miles) and perform 20 Wojo Squats
  • Exit trail on Country park drive and head over to shelter for 20 dips, 20 irkins and 40 step ups OYO.
  • Exit shelter and head over to gloomy hill where we the follow took place.
  • Slow lunge to top of hill, back down
  • Hoser side shuffle to top, back down.
  • Walk backwards to the top of hill.
  • Back on Country Park Drive -Bear crawls anyone? We bear crawled for about 20 yards
  • Fast Ruck back to trail and exiting at Lewis Recreation Center.


  • Everyone planks while Q fixes backpack
  • Crab Walk 20 yards (Hoser wants an audible – sorry dude!)
  • Peter Perkins X 10 IC
  • Packs off
  • 20 Curls with pack
  • Fire Hydrant X 10 IC each leg
  • 20 tricep extensions with pack
  • 10 Supermans
  • Various Planks exercises
  • Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
  • Low Dolly X 20 IC
  • ABC’s
  • American Hammer X 20 IC


  • Bodette bear crawls with no gloves #NotAHandModel #Tough
  • Roker is a strong addition to Natville PAX – Welcome aboard brother, looking forward to more workouts
  • Hoser is not a fan of crabwalks but crushes all other exercises – In your honor, YHC nominates the “Hoser Shuffle” as a new exercise
  • Matlock is a true workout beast, Eats Energizer bunnies for breakfast

Over and out – LYnda

PAX: Bodett, Hoser, Roker, Matlock, LYnda

QIC: LYnda