19 of the bravest and sassiest Pax gathered for a post-holiday rumble. What they encountered left more than a few breathless and or short of breath. Here is how it went down…


With the aid of Tommy Boy the Pax were introduced to the reason why we gather and how those who gathered can’t sue each other. The Pax moseyed from the Flag to the church parking lot with high spirits which were soon to be rent low. Here is what they did as the dearly departed watched nearby.

Side Straddle Hop x20

5 Burpees OYO

Mountain Climbers x20

5 Burpees OYO

Lucky 7’s Extra Sassy Style: Mr. Chuck Norris, Rangers, Diamond

YHC gave the breakdown of the doom that was to befall them and it was as follows:

Pax counted off by threes and divided into teams. Each team moseyed to their assigned station for an AMRAP for time. All movements “were” in cadence.

Station #1

Reverse Inch Worm Wall Walks x5 & Carolina Dry Docks x20

Station #2

Pull Up x 5

Burpees x10

Pull Up x5

*Optional Tire Flip for the brave stationed between Station #2 & #3

Station #3 [Sassy Points available for Pax incorporating the concrete block, cinder block or Rock Bag in a movement]

Jump Squats x10

Copperhead Alternating Lunges x20

Peter Parker x15

Parker Peter x15

COT for Mary

Fence Line Circle Time: passing both the concrete block and rock bag [up to four burpees and some other movements incorporated between passes] Grumble chatter extinguished…

Box Cutters, Homer Marge & American Hammer for the finish.

Mile High took us out after an reminder for the Jan. 8 Blood Drive at Cycles D’ Oro

PAX: Xerox, Tommy Boy, Unicycle, Wicked, Butt Fumble, Bed Pan, Brown Noser, Hollihan, Bird’s Nest, Hootie, Blue Oyster, Bundle, Matt Grove “FNG/Mile High”, Snowflake, Stinky Cheese, Mini Mouse, Viagra, Huffy

QIC: Slum Lord