Note to self: never concoct a workout with Stinky Cheese immediately following a beatdown; the lack of oxygen in the brain does not bode well. With that in mind, we agreed to celebrate 2016 and “embrace the suck!”. After welcoming what would become one of the most original FNG Name-a-ramas, Matt Beasley, we set off on a mosey through the year that was. First stop was the Lewis Rec Center parking lot for:


25x SSH IC

20x Imperial Walkers IC

15x Don Quixotes IC

15x Sun Gods, 15 Chinooks, 15 Moroccan Night Clubs, 15 reverse Sun Gods IC (crowd pleaser)

25x Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey to the Softball Field for:

The Thang:


(partner up)

From Home plate- Partner A: Calf raises

Partner B: Lunges to 1st base

Once there, A Lunges to 1st while B does Calf Raises

1st Base: Both partners Bear Crawl to 2nd base

2nd Base: Partner A & B stack 100 Dying Cockroaches while switching between 5 Burpees

Bear Crawl to 3rd Base

3rd Base: Partner A & B stack 100 Squats while switching between 5 Burpees

Bear Crawl to Home Plate for Plank-a-rama for the 6

Regroup & mosey to the Softball Viewing Deck to relive:

ZIKA (AKA:My Tummy Hurts)

Cobains to the PAX for YHCs DJ blunder. Zika & Cuba are two different things. I know this now.

20x Heel Touches

20x LBC IC

20x Hammers IC

Mosey to the Lewis Rec Center Deck for:

Donald Trump & the Wall

(partner up)

Partner A: Wall Sit

Partner B: Preform exercise then Flapjack

30x Step Ups (15 ea. leg)

30x Dips

30x Derkins

Mosey to the Pisgah Church Cemetery for:

In Memoriam AKA: Stairway to Seven

The PAX ran between the speed bumps and laddered the following…

7 Merkins > run > 1 Pickle Pusher

All the way to 1 Merkins > run > 7 Pickle Pushers

*Tclaps for holding it together during Pickle Pushers with George Michael’s “Faith” setting the mood. #PhotoOp

Mosey to the Safety Town Parking Lot for:


(partner up)

20x Crunchy Frogs > run a lap

10x Ups & Downs > run a lap

20x Booyah Merkins > run a lap

20x Alternating Shoulder Taps Merkins > run a lap

Mosey Back to the Shovel Flag for:


25x Freddy Mercurys

25x Homer/Marge


BLOOD DRIVE!!!: Click HERE to be taken directly to the sign up page. Depending on how fast you type, it takes only 3-5 minutes to complete. This was the first 2nd F YHC took part in as a member of F3 and I realized then what it meant to be a #HIM. Please, sign up now. Let’s get this done!


TClaps to Buzz for working through a Hammy Pull and doing it smart. Slow and stead keeps you well. Our chat on the way back to the Shovel Fog was the highlight of my workout. Aye!

Tclaps to Wicked & Yeti for leading 6MOM; Aye!

TClaps to the Ruckers that posted prior to the Nightmare. #BeastMode


Stinky Cheese took us out with a reflection of the year behind and hope for the year ahead.

Grace & Peace in the New Year,

Tommy Boy

PAX: Stinky Cheese & Tommy Boy

QIC: 12/31/16