The Fringe had a special morning today where Boone’s Farm passed the shovel flag to YHC for the next 12 months.  The 16 pax in attendance were hopeful that Boone’s could enjoy one more beatdown with his fringe pax, but unfortunately he was hit with the sinus bug and had to bail.  We are very appreciative for Boone’s strong leadership with this AO, which started as an offshoot of the mountain bike Derailleur AO and transformed into a very popular workout.  Boone’s was instrumental in growing this AO which drew several regular pax and generated loads of good mumblechatter and ballbusting every week.  Tclaps to Boones Farm.  All the best to you across the pond.  I hear there is already an Ireland convergence being planned for next year.   After we saw Boone’s off, YHC got down to business with a quick wararama of 15 SSH IC, 10 big sun gods forward IC then 10 in reverse IC, 15 Hillbillies IC, then hop the gate to the track for the THANG:

Super 21 with Four Corners: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 merkins / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps (total of 231 merkins and 231 situps). Insert other exercises in between to allow for “recovery”  After Two sets, the pax run to the next corner of the track.

1-2, copperhead squat x 10 IC

3-4, plank jack x 10 IC

5-6, mountain climbers x 10 IC

7-8, LBCs x 10 IC

9-10, crab cakes x 10 Single Count

11-12; hillbillies x 10 IC

13-14, monkey humpers x 10

15-16, chinooks X 10

17-18, freddy mercuries x 10

19-20, toy soldier x 10

21, Reverse Burpees x 10

The PAX took turns on calling the recvoery exercises in cadence.  Good work by all, even though TPS refused to participate at first.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary.  It is supposed to be five minutes of mary, not 3 or 4 minutes.  So to ensure we got the time in, we used the perfect five minute song, Baba O’ Reilly by the Who for a little Teenage Waistline.  We planked it up and YHC called plank variations with leg lifts IC until the last 45 sec of the song where we closed out with 16 American Hammers IC.


Tclaps to all the PAX for digging in and killing this workout on a brisk morning at the track.

Tclaps for Tommy Boy for joining me for the xtra credit run beforehand. It was cold as sh*t at 5am.

Look out for Appollo’s VQ at the Fringe on January 20 and Houlihan’s VQ at the Fringe on March 31. Save the Date!

-YHC is proud of the PAX of this AO and stepping up and signing up to Q, we have different Q’s schedlued for 14 consecutive weeks from January 6 until April 7.  Thanks to all and if you want to Q this spring, let me know.


-Blood Drive Jan 8, Cycles D’oro. Go to Red Cross type in F3 Greensboro, sign up. Give it up, you’ll make more.

-Prayers to On Time who is out for another 6 weeks with a foot injury.

-Udders encouraged the PAX to particpate in the F3_250 challenge on twittah for 2017. Great motivator.

-Working on a F3 workout shirt for this AO, stay tuned.

COT: YHC took the PAX out in the cirlce of trust with the following prayer.  YHC is not big on resolutions, but YHC will work hard to live by the tenants of this prayer and with God’s grace, everything will hopefuly fall into place:

This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure, in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.

YHC wishes all the PAX a happy new year, and as always, it was an honor to lead.




PAX: Matlock

QIC: 12/30/2016