Twas the morning before Christmas, and the pax gathered in the gloom

there was not much mumble chatter, but there was a sense of impending doom;

for the pax knew what day it was, and who would be rolling into town

but none other than Santa, and he was there to give not toys, but a BEATDOWN;

Rudolph came down from the North and greeted the PAX with a devotional and prayer

then YHC gave a real short disclaimer since mostly veteran pax were there;

Then we turned on some Bruce, Santa Claus is comin to town, Clarence on the sax

then moseyed to the park entrance, the lady runners were super impresed by the PAX;

then, what! Santa himself led the warmarama

25 ssh, 25 toy soldiers and 25 merkins, he did them all in his red pajamas;

YHC then called an extended double applesause mosey

To the church parking lot just so the PAX did not get cozy;

For the first part of the THANG, YHC told the PAX Santa had special treat for the matter

but before that the PAX had to earn it with a 1 to 7 merkin sit-up ladder!;

The PAX killed the ladder in joyuous anticipation of what was next

So we moseyed to the cemetery gates and then the PAX were preplexed;

YHC broke out two man-sleds, borrowed from a sadistic friend

two pax pulled and one pax rode for 50 yards to the end;

then switch off and do core exerises until the pax again got their turn

after several rounds, all the PAX got to feel the burn;

YCH called Omaha, then told the PAX to mosey to the ball field

to see what other suprises Santa and Rudolph would yield,

And what did the pax’ quivering eyes did appear

But the 12 days of christmas, delivered by santa and his demented reindeer,

the 12 days of christmas were repeated until the list was completed to twelve

it went something like this, so you don’t have to delve;

1 burpee, 2 toy soldiers, 3 plank jacks, 4 supermans, 5 golden merkins, 6 peter parkers, 7 ssh, 8 mountain climbers, 9 monkey humpers, 10 wojo squats, 11 low slow flutters, 12 LBCs IC

After this, the PAX were smoked and they were starting to drag

But alas, YHC still had Mary to do, so mosey it back to the flag!;

YHC, Santa & Rudolph each had a special gift for our brothers-

25 Dying Cochroach, 20 Cindy Crawfords and 40 American Hammers in honor of the Murph who died for others;

We then named an FNG Zorro for his amazing fencing skills for his part

and after announcements, Tommy Boy took us out with a prayer from his heart.

YHC was honored to lead this group on Christmas Eve and YHC hopes the PAX have had a great holiday.






PAX: 25 pax, Sorry Guys, YHC could not make out the name-o-rama, it was a wet rainy day. Problematic for electronics.

QIC: Matlock, Yeti & Wicked