On a relatively warm Tuesday for late December 7 PAX break out their shorts and join YHC for a post-Christmas beatdown and actually broke a good sweat featuring 6 stations and 24 exercises. After a lap halfway around the parking lot (about 200+ yards) we circled up for:


SSHs 20 IC

Windmills 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Plank, then right arm up, left arm up and plank again for about 1:30


The group gathered briefly for an explanation of the station work and were sent to various areas to begin. There were 6 stations from the picnic shelter to halfway down the parking lot with moseys in between. YHC recommended that the PAX go harder than just a mosey if possible. The 6 pain stations were as follows:

Station 1:

Step Ups 10 Per Leg

Merkins 20

Jump Squats 10

Crunchy Frogs, Then Mosey To:

Station 2:

Carolina Dry Docks 20

Sun Gods (Sobriety Style) 15 IC F, 15 IC R

WWII Sit-Ups 20

Mountain Climbers 20 IC, Then Mosey To:

Station 3:

Wojo Squats 20

Hillbillies 20 IC

Wide Merkins 20

Lunges 12 Per Leg, Then Mosey To:

Station 4:

Bear Crawl across parking lot (about 60′) and back

Flutter Kicks 20 Per Leg

Hot Foots 10 Per Foot

Box Cutters 20 IC, Then Mosey To:

Station 5:

SSHs 20 IC

Peter Parkers 20 IC

Monkey Humpers 20

Burpees 10, Then Mosey To:

Station 6:

Dips 25

Plank Jacks 20 IC

Pull Ups 5

LBCs 30, Then Mosey Back To Station 1, Rinse and repeat as time permits

The PAX felt the humiliation as Kay passed all of us no matter how many stations ahead of him we started. He completed just over 2 rounds of 6. The next closest guys were about 3 or more stations behind. Nice work bro! After time was up we gathered again near the shovel flag for:

4 MOM:

Homer & Marge (Up and down 7 times over 1 minute plus) Crowd pleaser.

LBCs 20 IC

American Hammer 20 IC


Wolverine took us out. Thanks bro!


Wolverine has a daughter with a birthday today. She is 9.

Convoy has a son that will be 6 tomorrow.

Pasty, one of the HP PAX had a heart attack aftyer a workout last week. Prayers for continued recovery.

Kay is the Q at the Cadet Shuffle on Thursday. Misfire is the Q at the Sad Clown Killer that day.

Nails is the Q next week at the Cadet Lab.

It was an honor to lead this great group of men this morning. Great work by all.




PAX: 12/27/16

QIC: sweatpainat-cadet-lab