17 PAX came out for a group run of 3.75 miles through the some of the most festive streets of Sunset Hills.


20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Windmills

15 Humpers


The Thang:

Mosey three quarters of a mile from the shovel flag to the corner of Market St and Ridgeway, via Starmount Dr. PAX were instructed to run at their own pace, but to push themselves, up Ridgeway to Friendly, Sugar Rays circling back for the Six. Mosey along Friendly as a group to East Greenway Dr. PAX were then instructed to running at their own pace along E Greenway to Market St. Group repeated this along West Greenway and then back to Ridgeway, to the original starting point of Market and Ridgeway. PAX then headed back to the shovel flag , with a Jailbreak halfway back.


4 MOM:

20 Low Dolly

20 High Dolly

12 left side Cindy Crawfords

20 LBCs

12 right side Cindy Crawfords

15 American Hammers


Wojo – Jan 8th Blood Driver, at Cycles de Oros. Noon Start time.

Gilligan – New communication tool for F3 called Slack. DM him on twitter for more info and or the link.

Refi – Christmas Day Sole Crusher is cancelled


Stinky Cheese took us out.

It was an honor! Aye!



PAX: Leverage

QIC: 12-23-2016