Summerfield the best kept secret to the majority of Nattyville PAX.  But three of our brightest and best joined me on a beat down that consisted of constant movement hidden burpees (53 we believe) and 2.5 miles of hill work.  Here is how it went down.

Moseyed around pond the long way to the Amphitheater where we did some Warm -O _rama


15 Imperail Walkers IC

15 Hill Billies IC

15 Windmills

12 Sungod lunges forward and 12 Reverse

Long Mosey of 20 feet to Amphitheater where the THANG went down.  I told the three souls that I thought we could get three rotations in ( I lied I was looking for 4)

The goal was to stay in motion the whole work out.

Started with Moving Planks the length of the Amphitheater  run to Semi Circle where we started with 25 dips

Broadjump Burpees to next station- middle of Semi circle where we did 25 Decline Peter Parkers then we BEAR-pees to the next station where we did 15 step ups with each leg.  Once done we ran to the Gate up the hill where we did 3 Burpees  then we ran back and Did it all over again and again and again.

We then Moseyed the long way back for some MOM



15 Crunchy Frogs IC-Everest thought we did enough of these yesterday

25 American Hammers


I am so grateful that my neighbor and Friend WICKED EHed me back in May of 2015 to this THANG called F3.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.


QIC: 12/22/16