On a cool December morning an AO record 10 pax defeated the fartsack to get some running in prior to Christmas.  YHC was excited as he made an Amphibious like entrance to the AO at 5:29 am sharp and noticed all the cars in the parking lot.  YHC quickly exited his vehicle and after quickly greeting the pax we moseyed to the flag to open with the pledge of allegiance.  We then went to the other side of the concession stand for Warmerama that consisted of the following:

SSH X 20

Monkey Humpers (Stubings) X 15

Windmills (Heisenbergs) X 15

Sun Gods (Dr. Evil Style) X 15

Reverse Sun Gods (Dr. Evil Style) X 15

YHC then instructed the pax to mosey around both fields back to the shovel flag and then pick up the six #nomanleftbehind

YHC noted the finish of the pax for The Thang:

The Thang

YHC was inspired by his many posts at Starmount Stampede and did a variation on the famous “Fox & Hounds” workout.  YHC threw in a twist from NASCAR’s All Star Race (formerly known as “The Winston”) where the field was inverted after the first segment of the race.  YHC instructed the pax they would start based on how they finished the first run;  the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  YHC sent the Clydesdales out first and the Sugar Rays (EPA and Kay) last.  With 10 pax and a 10 second interval per start Kay and EPA had some ground to make up!  We did the following (start and end from the shovel flag and picking up the 6 each time):

Segment 1 – One big lap of the parking lot (YHC was the 6)

Segment 2 – Run to the Oak Ridge Post Office & Oak Ridge Fire Station then back

Segment 3 – Run around all 4 ball fields

For Segment 4 the restrictor plates were removed and all pax were sent out at once to run one lap around the football field at race pace (with the exception of Double Check who jumped the start and got a 10 second head start on the rest of the field).  After approximately 5 seconds a blur went by that looked like Kay and the rest of the field followed him back to the shovel flag #Kayisveryfast

6MOM was delayed briefly after Toto joked that he thought he had seen Polo out running #YHCforgotPolocouldn’tposttoday #Qfail


Freddie Mercury X 15

Song Time:  “A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives

YHC was inspired for another Christmas inspired song time after hearing this classic on the radio.  YHC instructed the pax to start in Superman and when they heard “Holly Jolly Christmas” to flip to Banana and then flip to other position each time they heard “Holly Jolly Christmas”.  Pax were very thankful song was just over 2 minutes long!

American Hammer X 15

Fantastic effort from the pax today!  Great to have a big crowd and some pax visit this AO for the first time.  Depending on who you asked we got anywhere from 3 to 3.5 miles in (Toto must have gotten some extra credit since he had 7.9).


  1. YHC is on the Q for Saturday’s CougarTown.  It will be an encore performance of the 12 days of Christmas workout from earlier this month!  Voted best 6:30 Saturday workout by the pax of F3 Greensboro!
  2. Be careful with workouts this time of year.  Push yourself, but don’t want anyone to get hurt or taken to hospital.  Good reminder from Double Check and Kay.
  3. Need Q’s For Cadet Lab.  Heisenberg will take Q for Tuesday, December 27th unless someone else steps up.
  4. Kay will Q next Cadet Shuffle on Thursday (December 29th)
  5. Toto is headed to Uganda with his family for next 2 years for mission work in Uganda.  If you’d like to learn more and donate click on the following link:  beforethesilvercord.wordpress.com
  6. Merry Christmas to all of the pax in Natville & K-Vegas!

COT:  Toto took us out

It was a pleasure to lead today.  Thanks again for the opportunity!



PAX: 12/22/16

QIC: 167