Slammin’ Sammys was blistering cold today in the gloom. No difference for the 21 veteran PAX that posted, they eat concrete for breakfast. (Perhaps not, but they will be soon enough.) PAX finished rolling in at 0529; a quick introduction and mission statement is given as we go right in to the Warm A Rama.

Warm a Rama:

Monkey Humpers x 25 IC  #crowdpleaser

Grab a pair of bricks for the unforeseen future…The next exercises are performed with bricks.

Sungods 10 fwd/10 rev IC

Copperhead Squat x 25 IC

Flock of Seagulls x 20 IC

Mosey to church parking lot with bricks in hand. Drop the bricks while we plank for the six…

The Thang

Partner up, size matters. Wheelbarrow from the back of the parking lot to the first light pole, flapjack. When finished, partner or fireman carry to second light pole, flapjack. Once complete, there are 2 stations set up; concrete blocks at each side of the parking lot with instructions. Pick a side, the pain is equal.

Station 1:

Colt 45’s with blocks.

Reverse Crunch x 60.

Elf on a Shelf x 45 (For the record, YHC highly dislikes the elf on a shelf that invades his house this time of year. YHC would rather perform the exercise than put up with the toy.)

Al Gore with block. 45 sec.

Block Squat x 45

Turkish get ups x 25

When finished, mosey to opposite block station.

Station 2:

Genuine x 40 (#exicon for reference)

LBC’s x 40

Skull crushers x 40

Dying Cockroach x 40

Block Webbs x 40 this was Omaha’ed at 20. YHC was getting smoked.

Freddy Mercury x 40

Time is called, gather up bricks for mosey back to shovel flag. All PAX performed extremely well in this grueling upper body smokefest. At the bridge, a single PAX was knocking out exercises OYO. They will remain nameless, but you know who you are. #dontbelate

Once back at the basketball court, YHC had a special Mary planned, but PAX were operating on autopilot. Bricks were placed back into YHC’s truck without instruction. #Qfail. Maybe PAX had enough of toting around blocks and bricks today. No use in fighting it, Mary was already short on time.


Heavy freddy mercury x 20 IC

Low Dolly x 20 IC

Cumberland County Viaduct x 20 IC

American Hammer w/bricks x 25 IC


There was a brief sighting of Explosion this morning as he planted the shovel flag then quickly departed. He was in and out faster than a gazelle headed to: Spinning class?  Tell the fern hello from all of us freezing outside. Hope the injury heals soon buddy. #kotters to Rached. Good to see you back in the gloom sir. Tclaps to LYnda for some extra credit miles OYO before the workout, then helping YHC load up blocks after the beatdown. It’s great to be back in the gloom. #beentoolong.

3rd F: Harris Teeter coffeeteria following the workout. Cornhole site Q.

2nd F: HDHH at Tap Room. 5:30. Daphne’s been expecting you.



YHC took us out, what a pleasure it was to lead y’all today. Merry Christmas.








PAX: Stubing

QIC: 12/21/2016