In the early morn’ upon the plains of Thermopylae/Country Park, when much of the Greeks/Pax retreated rather than face the impending gloom. An army of Spartans, Thespians and Thebans remained to fight the fartsack and gain a smidge of eternal glory. Slum Lord  and the seven Spartans with him were all decimated, along with most of their remaining allies. Listen well to our tale of woe…


Sungods FWD (x20) & BCK (x20)

Windmills (x20)

Monkey Humpers (x20)

Runner’s Stretch (1 minute per side)

The Thang

Instruction: Pax OYO start at Station A & do 10 Burpees, then trot to Station B and complete 10 reps (single count) per set of:

#1 American Hammers w/ or w/o weights

#2 Carolina Drydocks

#3 Mountain Climbers

#4 Alternating Lunges w/ weights

#5 WWI situps w/ or w/o weights

#6 Jump Squats w/ or w/o weights

#7 Hand Release Merkins

#8 Bent Over Rows w/ or w/o weights

#9 Goblet Squats w/ or w/o weights

#10 Mr. Chuck Norris Diamond Merkins


Chill Cut Planks Jacks x20

LBC x20


Boones Farm Send off @ Panera Lawndale 12/23 at 6:30

Bodett is Q next Sweat Angel to celebrate 250 workouts completed workout.

Final Send Off:

YHC gave everybody completing 15 rounds or more a pat on the back and one lucky soul got an ata’ boy! What more could one want for Christmas?

PAX: Snow Flake, Bull Dog, Jitter Bug, Bed Bug, Flow, Don’t You Know, Bodett

QIC: Slum Lord