Beautiful brisk morning at Country Park where 27 of Greensboro finest and 2 distinguished guest from the  Great State of Washington decided to do some hill work.  After a brief disclaimer with a lot of Blah Blah blah we moseyed to the Gate where some WARM-O RAMA went down.


20 mountain Climbers IC


15 Imperial Walkers

15 Hill Billie’s

12 sun gods Forward and 12 Sun gods Reversed

The Pax then Counted in threes and were ask to remember their number-This they did well.

Moseyed to the Stop Sign in Park where the thang was explained.  After a brief demonstration of a monkey Squat and Chilly Plank we got down to business.  We had three sets of Forties

Group 1 Started at Gate With Monkey Squats and Peter Parkers

Group 2 Started at Bottom of hill by Dumpster For Some Crab Cakes and Merkins with ear touches

Group 3 Started at Bottom of hill Toward the Fake Deer for some Chilly Jacks and Crunchy Frogs

Each Group did 30/10 Run to Center 25/15 run back 20/20 run to center 15/25 run back 10/30 once finished then ran to the next hill. 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 1.

the workout was hijacked by BED BUG who called Omaha he said for respecting time, I think he just didn’t want to do 30 Merkin ear touches.  Actually I thank him for watching the time because it was time.   We moseyed to the Gate where we formed two lines to do Indian run back to flag.  Group was jacked we ran the run, Jail break was called and Sherpa took off like a Canon, I think DAD  (twinkie) caught him but I was too far back to see the finish.

We Only had time for  SOME HAMMER TIME which we did 25 IC.


SLUM LORD SAID HE SUCKS and will get the Service Blast out today-We appreciate all you do brother.

Blood Drive Jan 8th 2017  Need Pax to sign up still slots available-Get with Butt Fumble

Pray for Hazmat-Dislocated his Knee

NO FRIDAY Bible Study for next two Fridays


ALWAYS HUMBLED by this Great Group of Men.   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

PAX: snow flake, Stinky cheese, Wojo, Boddett, J Love, Bundle, Poehler, Bed Bug, Schnitzle, Brown Noser, Huffy, Everest, Slum Lord, Ozone, Cecil, Nomad, Unicycle, Spam, Jitterbug, Hush Puppy, Matlock, Sherpa and Twinkie( From the great State of Washington), Tommy Boy, Slag, Stag Frieght, Norwood, Venus, QIC XEROX