7 Pax beat the fartsack on a cool and damp morning the week before Christmas. Several of the Pax seemed full of ….mumblechatter this am. Something about Udders and a mountain of cheese dip. YHC missed that one but definitely caught wind of it today – if you know what I mean. A bunch of regulars in tow, the briefest of formalities and we started moseying to the track gate before the mumble chatter could get out of hand, or so I thought. We did two laps of warm up mosey and then a lap with high knees and butt kickers to get it started. Today, the plan was:

400 meters

800 meters

1200 meters

1200 meters

800 meters

400 meters

with a 400 meter recovery in between each one. We made it up the ladder but had to Omaha on the down side. Got in just over 4 miles along the way. Mosey back to flag for:


Followed by 30 American Hammers IC.

Somewhere in the stretch-o-rama, the crow popped up – tclaps to Crawl Space!

YHC took us out.


I forgot my phone at home today.

Lots of people said stuff, I don’t really remember it.

Blood drive coming up early January. Sign up.

Thanks for dragging me along today. Some fast work out there, but not by YHC today.

Merry Christmas,


PAX: Everest

QIC: 12/20/16