Last winter I read an F3 post about One Word, the idea of skipping the usual list of New Year’s resolutions and replacing it with a single word. The idea being to bring more focus and intention to your year and to provide a guide post along the way. This should be something that can impact all facets of your life. Last year my word was restraint or (self-restraint if I can make it a word and a half). In any event, the purpose was to try and focus on reigning in myself, being more humble, thinking more of others, etc. I have enjoyed the process and have made some improvements, had some setbacks along the way, but kept trying to move forward on the journey.

Now as I think about my choice for 2017, there are many ideas to choose from – many areas of my life that I want to improve. After some thought and prayer, I have chosen “patience”. This is a quality that I admired in my Dad, but didn’t seem to be passed down to me. I want to be more patient so that I can be a better father, friend, husband, and neighbor. If I can not be in such a hurry to solve some problem or move on to the next thing, maybe I can do better at listening for the still, small voice that may be speaking to me. Maybe if I can just listen and not instantly form an opinion that colors my thinking, I can love those with whom I disagree.

So that is my path for 2017. I know that the Pax will help me on my journey this year, just as they did last year. Thank you!


PAX: Everest

QIC: 10/20/16