A pax of 7 gathered in the cold, wet gloom; grabbed some heavy-ass concrete cylinders; and set off to visit Christmas past, present, and future…and get our butts kicked by all three!!


25x Side Straddle Hop

15x Windmill

5x Burpees on Your Own

15x Sun Gods

20x Prayer Squats


Ghost of Christmas Past – Stairs with Concrete Cylinders

Partner up.  Run from under platform up stairs to edge of platform and back.

Partner exercises




People’s Chair

Chillcut Plank

Then Hold Plank until the 6 is in.


Ghost of Christmas Present – Play time – head to playground with Concrete Cylinders

Partner Up – 1 Partner Runs Lap with Concrete cylinders while other partner does the following:



Curb Jumps

Bobby Hurleys

Pull-ups again!


Ghost of Christmas Future

Bojangles Biscuit – Run laps around church – sprint short leg, mosey long leg, 3 burpees at end of each lap.  After 4 laps, the pax moseyed to the bball court for some Mary.



25 LBCs

20 Lo Slo Flutters

15 Cindy Crawfords, each side

20 Homer and Marges

20 American Hammers



  • Next week, AO will gather at 7am (because we can)
  • High Point AO is serving dinner at Open Door Ministries on Friday, February 3rd.



Dean prayed us out.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!

PAX: Dean (GoHeels!), Prophet, Gold Digger, Earhart, Rubble, Drysedale, and Fletch

QIC: Dean