29 Pax turned out on this cold December morning ready to get down to some old school beats. Technical issues will postpone this block party for another day, However a vigorous beatdown was to be had anyway. We quickly maneuvered to a star workout punctuated with burpees and various merkins among others, followed by an old school favorite of a different kind–BLIMPS.

Warm-o-rama, Side Straddle Hop, Sun Gods, Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Windmills. Burpees

Get Down Beat Down (until the music died), Shinook, Sungods, Scramble (an ewok original) Crab Cake, Merkins, Imperial Walker, Side Straddle Hop, Burpees

Star Shaped Beat Down: 10 Burpees in the Center (after each station)

Station 1: 20 Squats, 25 Crab Cakes, 20 Crucible Merkins

Station 2: 10 Lunges each leg, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 Ranger Merkins

Station 3: 20 WWII sit-ups, 25 Peter Parkers, 20 Merkins

Station 4: 35 LBCs, 40 Mountain Climbers, 20 Diamond Merkins

BLIMPS: Partner up. 1 partner runs around the parking lot while the other performs the BLIMP exercise. Partner 1 relieves, performs BLIMP exercise while Partner 2 runs.

Mary: Dolly led by Wicked, Freddie Mercurys, Protractor, LBCs, American Hammer


Butt Fumble is serving dinner at the homeless shelter Sunday Night 12/18. Come help him out.

Joe Matthews aka Crawlspace is participating in the Run for Our Sons team at Walt Disney World Marathon to raise money for the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This run is associated with Matthew Greiner, the son of fello Pax known as Girth. Please donate. He is so close to his goal!


PAX: Norwood, Ewok

QIC: 12/1716